Nahida's role in Genshin Impact: Who is she?

Nahida's role in Genshin Impact: Who is she? ...

Genshin Impact is a game known for its colorful cast of characters. The game's anime-style art style oozes flashy fashion through its character models and clothing, providing a unique experience visually for each character. The game's history is also useful, as the character is currently dressed in flashy green clothing.

Who is Genshin Impact's Nahida?

Nahida is the fourth Archon revealed so far in the Dendro element's insignia, which suggests that she is knowledgeable and wise. This is particularly implied by the fact that she is the civilization's leader and the god of an element.

Since the Nahida leaks and trailer did not mention any abilities, some conclusions may be drawn from what we know about her. Her attacks will most likely be forest or nature themed. Additionally, the playable Archons are some of the game's best characters, so expect Nahida to be a powerhouse in some areas.

Nahida's release date is not known, but players have been assuming she will be playable in patch 3.1. While she will be revealed in patch 3.0, players expect the developers to want to flesh out her personality and story before adding her to the character ranks. Therefore, expect Nahida to be released for play in patch 3.1 or later.

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