In BitLife, how do I complete the Social Butterfly Challenge?

In BitLife, how do I complete the Social Butterfly Challenge? ...

Players will need to meet the following main objectives to complete the Social Butterfly Challenge:

  • Connect with us on Instagram
  • Connect with us on TikTok
  • Connect with us on Snapchat
  • Connect with us on Twitter
  • Have 30+ Friends with a perfect relationships.

Once you have learned how to complete each objective in the BitLife Social Butterfly Challenge, it's simple to complete. Start by creating a character of your choice, and then follow the steps below.

What is the best way to connect with the BitLife Community on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat?

The first four objectives of the Social Butterlife BitLife challenges require you to connect with BitLife's Social Media Community. Open your BitLife game and click on the three stripe icons on the top left corner of the screen. Now select and open each one of the social media in the prescribed open.

How to Have a Perfect Relationship With 30+ People in BitLife?

You must have at least 30 friends to fulfill this objective. Start making friends with your school or employment circle as soon as you are old. After having more than 30 friends, you must have a perfect relationship with each one of them.

The best way to increase your parameter is by gifting them goods, hanging out with them, or complimenting them. Once the meter has reached its maximum capacity, you will have a perfect connection with that person. Complete the Social Butterfly Challenge with more than 30 friends.