Candace Cameron Bure Amid the JoJo Siwa Saga: Truly an Inspiration for Celebrities

Candace Cameron Bure Amid the JoJo Siwa Saga: Truly an Inspiration for Celebrities ...

Candace Cameron Bure received a flood of support from colleagues during a brief week of turmoil. JoJo Siwa, the GAC Media star's Instagram page, revealed that she considered Bure to be the rudest person she had ever encountered.

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Fellow Celebrities Showered Bure With Love

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Commentators flooded in almost immediately after Bure posted a video on Instagram, detailing her meeting with Siwa. Jen Lilley wrote, and Jana Kramer added the same in a separate statement. Jill Wagner, who had worked both on Hallmark and GAC projects, said, "I'm glad you guys have a wonderful week."

Tori Spelling, star of Beverly Hills and 90210, gushed over Bure in her reply. This video is so beautiful. You are an inspiration to me.

Bure Received Thousands of Positive Comments

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Bure received a thoughtful reply from someone who likely meant a lot to her: Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget's wife. As many fans know, Saget was a beloved pal and mentor of Bures for decades, beginning when she began working on Full House as a child. In the months since, she has remained close to Rizzo. (jk youre the best everso crazy you even had to spill all of the tea..if that's how the kids say it these days).

Bure received some encouragement from Dancing with the Stars performers, who competed in Season 18, as well as from other reality television personalities. Both Tori Roloff and Amy Roloff expressed their gratitude, with Tori saying, "This makes me respect and love you even more."

Bure was mentioned by several celebrities and supporters of the actress several times over the years and how sweet she was. Bristol Palin shared she had met her at a hotel in New York City some years ago. I was stunned and had to say hi to you. You were one of the finest individuals I have ever met.

Bures' blog received roughly 225,000 likes and 10,500 comments. The vast majority of comments appeared to be from Bure supporters, including some insulting Siwa. While that may have been the case with other recent Instagram posts of Bures, it appears the drama is subsiding, and she is likely to resume her regular social media posts.