A fellow actor claims that her ex voice coach was irritated by the TV joke

A fellow actor claims that her ex voice coach was irritated by the TV joke ...

It's not every day that a coach from The Voice gets made a fool of on national television. But it does happen.

B.J. Novak is well-known for his role as Ryan Howard on the popular NBC sitcom The Office. He was also a writer and producer for the program. But before he got his big break, Novak worked with Ashton Kutcher on the MTV show Punkd.

Punkd created celebrities to be fooled with, for the world to see. Some celebrities took it in stride when Kutcher emerged from the shadows to admit that they had just been fooled. Others became very enraged.

Novak was one of the actors on Punkd who helped to deceive celebrities with silly, sometimes hilarious, situations. It was his first real job on television. On a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Novak mentioned that Usher, a former voice coach and R&B superstar, was the one who acted the hardest for the charade.

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Usher was told by Novak that his brother had been caught shoplifting and that he had to take care of it.

If [Usher] recorded a rap jingle for my store, which I rapped for him, then he'd say, "First of all, I'm not a rapper." And he was like, "We wanted Vanilla Ice."

Novak explained that Colbert and the audience chuckled. It's a well-written program, and I didn't make the joke.

The Office star continued to say, He's raged and then Ashton comes out, and he's like, Bro! He accepted, but was rejected flatly. Usher replied, No, no, no, no. You know, your first impression of someone remains. So, I'll have to include Usher in my next film.

Usher is Following in Novaks Footsteps

Usher will executive produce the New Orleans-set jazz age series Storyville from Starlings TV (EXCLUSIVE)#Storyville #Usher #StarlingsTV @Usher https://t.co/uO5t9CWMFn via @variety.

The 26th of July, 2022, is the first day of the month of ArtikeldienstOnline (@artikeldienst).

Usher has recently taken a page out of Novaks book and gone behind the scenes of Storyville, an upcoming TV show about jazz's birth and its red-light district in New Orleans.

According to Revolt, Usher described the program as an epic story sparked by the origins of the sound that inspired my career, a story that touches the nerve of social and cultural relevance today. More than likely, B.J. Novak will not be asked to participate.