In Digimon Survive, how do you defeat Fangmon?

In Digimon Survive, how do you defeat Fangmon? ...

Fangmon is the second boss in Digimon Survive, and is easily the most difficult enemy youve faced up until the end of Part 2 - and it's time for some payback. This guide will teach you how to defeat Fangmon, so you won't be stuck with this boss for long.

How do you defeat Fangmon?

The battle with Fangmon begins with Labramon becoming Dobermon, so youll start with at least one powerful Digimon on the field at the same time. These Digimon can also move faster than your other weaker allies, so you have two choices for what to do next. You can either slowly move your entire party up the dam towards Fangmon and attack enemies as you go, or you can split up and send some Digimon down the steps to surprise Fangmon from behind.

We tried to split our party, but it failed. The enemies on the steps are powerful, and they can take down an evolved Digimon if they dont have support. If youre going to send Digimon down that way, send at least three and keep them together, retaining an evolved Digimon back with two allies to ensure youve always got healing and additional firepower. The more effective approach is to move your entire party down the dam towards Fangmon, defeating his allies as you go.

Except for Betamon, we lost every Digimon that we knew so far about Fangmon, which would have killed any evolved Digimon you may have in your roster at this point unless youve done some serious training. Betamon is special because it is resistant to Fangmon's assaults and can deal electrical damage, which Fangmon is weak to. You should win easily.

What are Fangmon stats?

Fangmon is extremely resistant to psychic damage, but is exceptionally weak to electrical damage, and you can increase your party by adding more Betamon to your side if you ignore these statistics. Fangmon is a popular game in which people watch anime.