How many Digimon are there in Digimon Survive? Answered

How many Digimon are there in Digimon Survive? Answered ...

Digimon Survive is a slightly different take on the classic digital monster-collecting series. Where the detective-themed Digimon: Cyber Sleuth landed on an RPG model that is somewhat similar to Persona, this entry is more of a visual novel with a handful of turn-based tactical battles. Its also a darker turn for the series, with a group of students trapped in a dangerous alternate reality.

How many Digimon are there?

The exact number of Digimon you can collect in Digimon Survive is a moving target, and it really depends on how you want to count them. If you count every Digimon you can collect in the game, including a few variations and the limited-time exclusive Guilmon, you end up with 118. The official count according to the games menu, though, is 113.

How to recruit new Digimon

If youre planning to respawn all of the Digimon during your time with the game, you have two options: either recruit wild Digimon or Digivolve low-level monsters into higher-level versions. Either way, youll have to begin by learning to negotiate with Digimon during battles, and answering a few questions in a manner that helps them understand you. The latter is dependent on a percentage chance roll.