In Digimon Survive, how do equipment crystals work?

In Digimon Survive, how do equipment crystals work? ...

As you progress further into the game and the difficulty level rises, it's easy to forget about a few minor things. For example, the long list of equippable Enhancement Crystals you can equip to your Digimon

What crystals do, and how to use them

Crystals in Digimon Survive, which are available under the Enhancements menu in your Item menu, serve as bonus items for your Digimon. They range from offensive buffs to resistance increases to speed boosts, and they dont need to be consumed in the process.

Crystals are more beneficial when used effectively by your Digimon. For example, you may give Potency Crystals to monsters that land frequently, or it may be useful to use them to augment other more powerful Digimons' damage weaknesses. These powerful items can sometimes work more effectively with your team than the permanent buffs you receive from equipped crystals.