Week 4 Veto players! (day 25) Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers

Week 4 Veto players! (day 25) Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers ...

Welcome to the 25th day of the Big Brother 24house, also known as Veto day! There is a lot of fun stuff to be had in the house, especially as we wait to see if Head of Household Monte succeeds in his plan.

Monte nominates Alyssa and Indy for eviction last night, and had to reassure Indy after the fact that she would not be evicted in almost any circumstance. He wants Nicole to be sent out, although we think he'd be okay with her being sent out. The real goal is just getting rid of a quantity that would be against the Leftovers.

The Veto players were voted this morning, so who will be competing in the next round? These are SEVEN people who will compete for the Veto today; Alyssa & Indy and then Kyle & Daniel; otherwise it is easy to conclude that this is an unfair competition.

Nicole is speculating about leaving this week, but she will not get a chance to compete or throw anything this time around. Kyle isn't going to want to be in a position where he has to decide whether or not to save Alyssa, but he doesn't want to make that clear.

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