Pope is in jail in season 6 episode 9 photo of Animal Kingdom?

Pope is in jail in season 6 episode 9 photo of Animal Kingdom? ...

TNT is scheduled to broadcast Animal Kingdomseason 6 episode 9 this weekend, and there's no need to be concerned about Pope, to put it mildly.

One of the most obvious things about Shawn Hatosys' role in the death of Catherine Belen is that he might go to jail. He knows more now about the danger, but the question remains what he will do about it.

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Doesnt appear to be that he is in some correctional facility in the above photo from this weekends episode? The truth is, although he is not, we know that he is going to be interrogated and pushed for a confession.

If there is one thing Pope has going for him, it's that his family will almost certainly have his back in some way. However, the Cody Boys are not as sloppy as they appear, and we like to think that theyll unite and fight when the chips are down. They have all broken the law many times over the years; they've all made decisions accordingly.

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