A big Kevin Costner question for Yellowstone season 5

A big Kevin Costner question for Yellowstone season 5 ...

When Yellowstoneseason 5 launches on Paramount Network in November, there is a lot of great stuff. However, we also have our fair share of concerns. Take, for example, the future of series star Kevin Costner.

According to a Variety article, the first season of the hit cable series is now months into production, which is meant to be split into two halves.

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What should be concerned about at the moment? Costner may be able to do both directing an ambitious motion picture project and being the star of his own show. A lot of it may come down to scheduling. For instance, it is possible that the first seven episodes of season 5 will be completed before the end of August, which will allow Costner to direct a film while on vacation. Or, it might be possible that he may film a lot of his scenes before he goes to do some other work.

Kevin actually leavingYellowstone is the least-possible outcome, at least for the time being. This is also a fantastic opportunity for him to promote his other projects, since Horizon is a Western. There is already a lot of potential there is to be explored.