The Boys' season 4 premiere date: Why will next fall be of great use

The Boys' season 4 premiere date: Why will next fall be of great use ...

The wait for the first glimpse of Season 4 will be a long one. Were sure that Amazon will do a few things here and there to assist us. There's theGen Vspin-off, and more than likely all kinds of other featurettes and filming updates we'll receive along the way. (Remember, production on the new season will begin in the near future!)

Why will the season 4 fall be such a pivotal moment? This seems like a topic that deserves a far greater attention?

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The Boys is a popular series, so they will not shy away from revealing it and giving you information over time. The fall is when we think a premiere date will be announced, along with some key art and a brief teaser.

At this point, it's hard to envision the show returning before early 2024. Filming will take around half this year and possibly a few months of 2023, and this is without even considering the enormous amount of time that it takes to get the show working.

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