Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Who won the Veto in Week 4?

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Who won the Veto in Week 4? ...

Within the Big Brother 24house, who won the week 4 Power of Veto? We know that a strategy is already in place, and honestly, it's difficult to imagine many situations where such a strategy wouldnt come to fruition.

So, what can we say right now? Well, there aretechnicallyseven people interested to take part in this: Monte, his besties Terrance and Joseph, and then nominees Alyssa & Indy, and then Daniel & Kyle. We suspected that Monte / Joseph / Terrance would only be allowed to select two people to take part in this.

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Our guess was that no one would use it, and then allow for Nicole & Taylor to rise as a replacement nominee, regardless of who won. Daniel, for whatever reason, would be too adamant about Nicole being evicted that he fought Kyle on using it. Otherwise, nothing in this draw indicated that Alyssa & Indy would remain on the block.

Let's get to the point on who won the competition this week! Daniel and Kyle are by far the most funny pairing. If Nicole is ejected after her BFF in the game wins the Veto would this be totally horrific? Its also guaranteed if he loses it. The other question we have to ask is what happens here in the event that he and Kyle cannot reach a consensus.

We'll update you on the aftermath later; for the time being, just know that either Alyssa or Nicole will be leaving the game this week due to some kind of dramatic change in the game.