The Imogen baby mystery in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

The Imogen baby mystery in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin ...

Throughout Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, there is obviously a central mystery of A, but rest assured, there's more to it. The past influences the future, and there's also a big question about Bailee Madisons character of Imogen. Who is she the father of her unborn child?

Madison teases a large part of the show's mystery, and I'm excited for it to unfold.

For those who are wondering, Imogens baby doesnt sound like it until at least the end of the season; the writers are taking their time with this:

I wore a fake stomach for nine months, which is basically full term, and it affected everything I physically did on the set. I ended up getting actual back pain, which I had to work out after, but it was an experience. It was definitely a first for me and one I was eager to get to do.

Imogen will face a lot of obstacles as she navigates her pregnancy, including the usual stuff that comes with being a teenager, but also the Sheriff's desire to charge her and her friends at all costs for Karen's death. We know that this mystery will linger forever, and we're already wondering how long the writers will let it languish.

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