Gabby's boxing date in The Bachelorette episode 4

Gabby's boxing date in The Bachelorette episode 4 ...

Gabby and Rachel will be able to have group dates on their own for the first time in this strange, train wreck season.

Given all of this, it makes sense that we were getting a train wreck date right in the middle of it, and that is what the sneak peek below teases. Note that we were not blaming Gabby in the slightest for this, as we feel that she has little choice in what she and her guys get to do in previous seasons.

We always have the same question: who is this for? Isnt the idea of physically beating other people for a woman from medieval times? We don't believe Gabby takes it that seriously.

The reality is that fighting dates are almost always production ploys designed with the sole intention of causing a lot of discontent among several of the guys. It can create rivalries or at the very least bring out a few insecurities. Very rarely does everything go quite smoothly for every single person involved, since that has happened at a lot of similar dates over the years.

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Show off in the ring so you may wear the ring

The Bachelorette (@BacheloretteABC) will be announced on July 29, 2022.