Can Jay see ghosts now in the second season of Ghosts?

Can Jay see ghosts now in the second season of Ghosts? ...

One of the main doubts in the preparations for CBS' Ghostsseason 2 this autumn is very much linked to Jay. Can the character actually see ghosts now?

The events of the season 1 finale (most notably the characters' deaths) set the stage for a minor tweak in the programming paradigm, which is in no way off topic to the season 1 premise at all, as we had an absolutely delightful network-TV comedy that should have received more recognition at the Primetime Emmy Awards. It's just for every show to evolve from one season to the next, and this is a way to differentiate.

If you look below, you can see a new sizzle reel that serves a variety of purposes. It not only connects the seasons 1 events to season 1, but it also provides a little hint for whats coming up. One line from Jay near the end of it makes us believe he mayactually be able to see everyone in Woodstone Manor now, and that would be a great introduction to a lot of things moving forward.

The plot for season 2 is super-solid. Newcomers may end up in one of the most gloriously chaotic situations possible. Were expecting some laughter, but also a few surprises. In season 1, Ghosts did a fantastic job of allowing everyone their moments, and we absolutely believe this will continue to be the case.

In the event you haven't already joined the show, now is the perfect time! The story will be back in late September!