Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Veto aftermath! (day 25)

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Veto aftermath! (day 25) ...

So what can you expect from the game going forward?

For those who havent seen anything since the show on Thursday, here is a quick recap of the events. Monte has been nominated for eviction, but these two are, nevertheless, mere pawns for the time being; the final goal is to get Nicole out of the game. Alyssas is a solid backup, but Taylor has already agreed to go up on the block to ensure that the former cop goes out.

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Kyle and Daniel won the Power of Veto earlier today, posing a real challenge. Kyle technically wants Alyssa out, but he knows that not using the Veto on her might be offensive to both The Leftovers and Alyssa herself. Daniel wants Taylor out, but is he willing to risk his #1 foe in the game going on the block?

Nicoles already worried that she will be kicked out, but there will be nothing she can do without it. Kyles completely plays Daniel, who believes he can do everything in confidence. Tomorrows going to be fun watching Daniel continue to try and manipulate him.

Nicole was in a good position strategically weeks ago, and her demise will be a prime example of both overconfidence and game errors that could have easily been resolved by more skillful hands.

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