Did Lil Murda kill Pico in season 2 episode 8 of P-Valley?

Did Lil Murda kill Pico in season 2 episode 8 of P-Valley? ...

Tonight onP-Valley Season 2 episode 8, we had a chance to see political aspirations, celebrations, but also more bloodshed. In particular, we do have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of Lil Murda's struggle the rest of the way.

Pastor Woodbine is doing her best to keep going in her campaign, but she is facing a pretty big decision: Will she stay in the race, or will she take the money and leave? We mean that in the form of huge sums of money.

When we think about violence, there are two things that pop into my head: Lil Murda's own style of justice following the passing of Big Teak. Or, when it comes to Terrance, let's just say that she's just building her own empire (Can we just say that Gail Bean isawesome in this role?) It's so different from her other standout role in Wanda over onSnowfall.

Mercedes is clearly a woman at a crossroads, attempting to imagine her future. Mercedes' return has certainly shook her up a bit, considering that this is a large part of her past. However, it has also helped her to appreciate more of what she doesnt want out of her future.

Despite everything that happened in this episode, we still think it was preparing for even greater things! After all, there are only two installments left.