The 10 Most Obscene Things In Hell Pie

The 10 Most Obscene Things In Hell Pie ...

Hell Pie is a horror adventure game that includes a wicked sense of humor. Players control Nate and explore the world of Hell Pie in a quest to discover ingredients for Satan's birthday pie. Nate can use his angelic companion, Nugget, to smash enemies and swing around to discover new destinations.

Hell Pie is a platforming game developed by Sluggerfly, which includes hours of hilarious platforming gameplay as well as solving puzzles and collecting obscene objects. These items that must be collected are not for the faint-hearted, and they require tough training along with incredible abilities.

10 The Uncomfortably Alluring Chef

Chef is a mighty beast that is red from head to toe and has two horns. As the Canteen Wizard, Chef has to prepare a nasty birthday pie for Satan.

Chef is the first player in the game to remind Nate of Nugget, and players may also collect the Ingredient List from Chef in the Kitchen.

9 The Gross Grey Egg

The Grey Egg is a slimy ingredient that can be obtained in Sashimi Bay. It is one of Nate's first ingredients that he can acquire. The coveted Grey Egg is located at a height and requires him to climb several structures and platforms to reach it.

Players must carry a barrel bomb to the top of the building in Sashimi Bay without causing Nate to return down to pick up barrel bombs. The Grey Egg is a horrible sight to see.

8 The Tampon

The Tampon is easily the sickest thing players can discover in the game. It is located beneath Sashimi Bay in The Sewers, and is guarded by numerous creatures that dwell beneath the beautiful city.

At first sight, many people can easily confuse the Tampon for a popsicle. The ingredient list clearly indicates a Tampon that can be used to make Satans birthday pie. Players can clearly see that it is a used tampon, which makes it even more disgusting.

7 Squabble

Squabble is a character from Hell Pie who can be seen on the stage Inside Out. He is seen standing on a boat inside a living, breathing whale. Squabble is a nasty creature that likes to spend his time destroying other creatures in Hell Pie.

Squabble expresses his disbelief at seeing a living entity treading inside the whale. Squabble has been trapped inside the whale himself for a few months and may use Nates' help to escape the animal. The scarts on his skin can be horrifying in a 3D platformer game.

6 Getting To The Rotten Tentacle

The Rotten Tentacle is an octopus that has been severed. It is located inside a whale, so players may aim a cannon into it to shoot yellow clouds of pus. Nates' path is blocked by a severed limb.

Nate has to use Nugget to destroy mutilated creatures that are out to grab him before making his way to the Rotten Tentacle. Monsters with only torsos will crawl their way toward him right before he obtains the putrid ingredient. Players may use the Sprint Horns to get to the Rotten Tentacle.

5 Sacrificing Sheep At Horn Shrines

Horn Shrines are small altars that are located throughout Hell Pie. Players may enter the altar and sacrifice sheep to obtain a new set of horns to fuel their journey ahead. The first set of Sprint Horns that may be purchased are at the beginning of Sashimi Bay.

Nate must offer one sheep to the Shrine of Zlorgmul in order to receive the Sprint Horns. The offering ends in a horrific sequence where Nate attempts to cut off the horn of a scared little sheep in front of the altar and place it in the bowl to receive the new ability.

4 Obtaining The Critic Heart

The heart of a critic can be a bit harsh, to say the least. It's no wonder that a Critic Heart has made its way onto the list of essential ingredients needed for making the birthday cake for Satan. The Critic Heart belongs to Jacques Huseau, a well-known food critic who can be seen enjoying a delectable meal at the Mange Ailleurs restaurant.

Jacques Huseau is a skinny guy with a long mustache. Nate expresses his concern that the fine dining establishment does not have working Food Pipes. Nate removes the Food Pipes until Jacques Huseau explodes from the liquid. The Critic Heart is exploded from Jacques Huseau and spills onto the restaurant's floor.

3 The Grotesque Gluttony Monster

Gluttony is an obese monster that controls Mange Ailleurs' restaurant. He is a deadly creature who is hungry for snacks. Enraged that the restaurant is no pizza, he attacks and kills a pizza boy with his fork in the last pizza.

Gluttony burps and spits a slice of pizza onto Nates' face, causing him to flee across the restaurant, slapping out acidic liquid to calm the Demon of Bad Taste. Watch out for Gluttony's elongated tongue as it squishes Nate from time to time.

2 The Disturbing IT Corridors

The IT Department in Hell Pie is stuffed with computers, gadgets, and network cables. It gives players an idea of what might happen if the internet was down for a day or two. Nate is introduced to several new characters in this level, who expect him to unravel whats going on inside the IT department.

The IT Department has a special corridor that will evoke classic horror movies. Nate is pushed away from the corridor as he approaches it. The walls are adorned with cryptic messages painted with blood-red paint. Players may traverse these corridors for an astounding experience.

1 Using Nugget

Nugget, Nate's angelic companion, is adorable at first glance. He is mostly naked throughout the game, and has a body that can make children and adults wonder what Nugget must have gone through in order to be chained to Nate.

Nate uses Nugget as an unbreakable weapon to defeat his opponents. Nugget isnt one to give up easily. He can be seen making funny remarks to Nate about the most ridiculous and obscene things in Hell Pie.

Hell Pie is now available on Xbox One, Xbox X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.