Malenia is made out of LEGOs by an Elden Ring fan

Malenia is made out of LEGOs by an Elden Ring fan ...

With new fan art posts constantly appearing online, the Elden Ring community has gone out of its way to express their gratitude for FromSoftwares latest release. One common community creation is custom models, with one Elden Ring fan showcasing a blocky take on the game's toughest boss.

Fans have seen incredible models of Malenia in shops, and some gamers have even made custom versions of the LEGO Let Me Solo Her that has become well-known for defeating Malenia tens of thousands of times.

The Redditor deserves credit for even attempting to complete such a project. After all, Malenia's armor is very complex, making it difficult to realize with blocks. The redditor even included a custom stand for their LEGO Malenia figurine, which appears to be higher than the ground due to a different LEGO.

Malenias red cloak is represented by a long and thin piece on the back of the model, and the wings on her helmet are perfectly placed, just like the ones from her in-game gear. A special golden arm is shown around Malenias neck, which is also used in her weapon, the Hand of Malenia.

Malenia's pointed helmet is well-known, as are some long-sleeved outfits, while some grey pants are also included. The post has only been on Reddit for less than a day, but since then, it has already received over 650 upvotes.

Posts like this illustrate how passionate and creative the Elden Ring community can be. With Elden Ring continuing to sell, the fan base will continue to expand, as will the cast of characters to pay tribute to.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.