Breakdown of the trailer for The Lost Wild

Breakdown of the trailer for The Lost Wild ...

The Lost Wild, a survival-horror game that requires players to survive a hostile environment filled with dangerous dinosaurs and find a way to safety, is presented in the teaser. However, the game seems to highlight some themes and adventures for prospective players.

The Lost Wild sounds like a survival-horror game in a Jurassic Park setting, with the dinosaurs even resembling those seen in the movies. The design of these animals is both appealing and frightening, forcing players to either run the other way or hide in a grass patch nearby in hope they are not found.

A Beautiful World Filled With Dangers

The Lost Wild is a world packed with dangers that players will need to keep an eye on, from giant dinosaurs that cannot be missed to perhaps stealthier animals that enjoy the hunt. However, Annapurna Interactive's trailer did include close encounters with carnivorous creatures that either hunt in packs or are big enough to survive on their own.

The world itself is stunning with sharp details for not just the animals, but also the environment, which helped the game's horror factor. The beauty of the world design is something to admire but also serves as a cautionary tale about dangers. The Lost Wild is a great first impression as an independent horror game.

Fire and Tools

The lack of combat in The Lost Wild was one of the biggest takeaways from the trailer; players will need to use non-lethal, and maybe even non-harmful, means to thwart predators away. However, using fire and a few tools like flares, the game allows the player to keep the predators at bay while searching for safety.

This survival horror mechanic works in The Lost Wild because different dinosaurs might respond differently to retaliation tools used to repel the player. While fire and flares may work on smaller predators that are chasing after the player, it should stand to reason that The Lost Wild's larger dinosaurs will continue to hunt the player down even with these weapons at their disposal. This would make the game more difficult since players will need to identify the dinosaur first.

A Possible Way Out

The Lost Wild teased briefly on the game's main plot, while also revealing glimpses of civilization in an otherwise untouched area. This is eeriely similar to Jurassic Park, where the island's buildings were the only means to escape from the forest while temporarily out of the reach of the dinosaurs.

The Lost Wild, which is one of the standouts at the Annapurna Interactive Showcase, promises a slew of thrills and scares. The trailer depicts a beautiful world ready to be explored, as well as a diverse assortment of dinosaurs that will either try to kill the player or simply add to the mood. With a forest packed with dangers, the mystery surrounding the structures, and little equipment at the players disposal, The Lost Wild looks to be a gripping survival horror title.

The Lost Wild is scheduled to be released on PC in 2024.