The Children of Hurin are 6 wonderful characters from The Lord of the Rings

The Children of Hurin are 6 wonderful characters from The Lord of the Rings ...

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are usually a collection of reference materials, along with a few smaller volumes on the side that include glossaries, maps, critical essays, and other reference materials. One of Tolkien's first novels about that bygone time was The Children of Hurin.

In other periphery works of Tolkien and his son Christopher, such as The Silmarillion, Beren and Luthien, and The Book Of Lost Tales, which tell condensed versions of Hurin's tragedy, many of the following characters are mentioned or make brief appearances.

Hurin, his wife Morwen, and their children Urwen, Turin, and Nienor appear in other stories as close Elven friends of the early Elven nations and as proud leaders of Men. Hurin was captured by Morgoth and refused to submit to the Dark Lord's will, and his family was cursed by the enemy to wither and die in their deaths in The Fellowship of the Ring, and their story is one of Tolkien's greatest.

6 Hador Goldenhead

Aragorn's ancestral son and heir of Beor the Old, several of Tolkien's novels mention his heroics in The Battle of Sudden Flame. Only The Children of Hurin can speak of Hador's activities or personality after his tragic death, including his immediate family and his adventures with his father.

The children of Hurin is a sad story about how his line of descendants ended. Aragorn is a direct descendent of Hurin's brother, Tuor.

5 Arminas Of The Noldorin

Cirdan the Shipwright is another important character in Middle-Earth's history and plays a much more significant role in The Silmarillion. In The Children of Hurin, he sent two heralds to King Thingol and his Queen, Meilan the Maia, describing Morgoth's growing power and the growing shadows in the north and east.

Arminas was the herald who did most of the talking and told us about their journeys along the coast of the Kingdom of Doriath. Gelmir, his curious companion, asked about the identity of the grim man brooding over Thingol's court, which prompted Turin to reveal his identity.

4 Beleg Strongbow Cuthalion

Beleg is mentioned in several other stories, such as as a member of the hunting party that tracked the great wolf Carcharoth in Beren and Luthien. These stories do not detail his tragic and accidental death at Turin's wrong hand.

The children of Hurin were affected by Morgoth's curse, and it was a terrible way to die after everything Beleg had already endured. He had always been a close friend and companion to Turin and brought him messages and supplies from the Queen herself. The first time any human had tasted lembas bread was when Melian personally gave some to Beleg, who was then shipped straight to the wrong hands.

3 Nellas Of Doriath

Nellas witnessed the altercation from a hiding place and confirmed that Turin acted in self-defense.

Turin's adolescence and childhood in Doriath are explored in more depth, and Nellas has a bigger role to play as his childhood companion. Both reasons he became a distinguished ranger and important leader in the Elves.

2 Mablung Of The Heavy Hand

He was the Captain of the Guard, a skilled warrior who fought the wielding of Carcharoth in Thingol's most difficult missions. Queen Melian advised Morwen to stay, but she did not want her daughter returned.

Morwen's horse was dragged into the woods by a storm caused by an attack by the dragon Glaurung, and although Mablung managed to find Nienor, the dragon had taken her memory away. They were again attacked in the wild and separated, and Nienor eventually found her brother under the worst of circumstances.

1 Aerin

Aerin was forced to marry a local clan chieftain named Brodda after Hurin's wife Morwen died. She stayed to care for her infant daughter.

Easterlings sacked the region because of Morgoth's recent victory against local kings and other lords. They were afraid to attack Morwen, who was feared to have elf magic, and they pillaged her house and lands. Aerin used her influence as Brodda's wife to ensure that Morwen and her child did not starve and survived long enough to flee to King Thingol. When Turin returned to look for his mother, she told him all he