4 Things You Might Not Know About The Abyss Cure From Made In Abyss

4 Things You Might Not Know About The Abyss Cure From Made In Abyss ...

Fans of the series can be sure to follow Riko, Reg, and Nanachis' journey into the abyss in search of Rikos' long-lost mother, Lyza, as the brand new season of Made In Abyss arrives. Awakened by the series' knowledge that the party has just reached its final dive and will never return to the surface, followers can discover a new mystery, new terrors, and surprises.

The series has provided some information on what the abyss is, but the effects and the curse itself remain hidden. Fans would of course be familiar with the different powers of ascension that each layer demonstrates, and that the deeper delvers go, the more deadly the effects. However, there are still many issues that fans may have missed out on in regards to the curse itself and how it functions.

Spoilers Are Ahead!

Final Maelstrom Might Be The Final Point Of No Return in 4 The 7th Layer

Though departing from the 5th layer can be considered a delvers last dive, it is technically possible for one to return to the 5th level in the appropriate circumstances. Bondrewds experiments have demonstrated the blessings of the abyss, shown when two persons who love one another very much will trigger such the phenomenon, causing one to receive the blessing while the other loses their humanity and capacity to reason and think.

Where it may be impossible to return might be departing the 6th layer itself to reach the 7th layer: Final Maelstrom. As indicated by the writer, the strain of ascension from this level is certain death. Further secrets may reveal that it is still possible to return to the surface, but that remains to be seen.

3 The Curse Acts Like A Forcefield

Nanachi's response to Reg is like a blanket: when one ascends, they unknowingly pierce this forcefield, which then causes the negative effects. The flow is like describing inverted thorns, but it's piercing and harmful should one try to ascend.

The curse in some places within the abyss is less severe because to a weaker forcefield, such as the Nanachis hideout on the 4th level, which makes it relatively easy to traverse and move at will. This explains why creatures within the abyss are not affected by the curse because they are immune to the curse or can see and feel the forcefields.

2 The Birthday Death Disease Could Be Related To The Curse

The abyss's birthday death illness is a well-known phenomenon. This disease occurs on the birthday of Orthians living near the abyss, particularly young children. Regardless of how much treatment or medication they received, these young Orthians will suffer terrible illnesses on the day of their birthday.

Kiyui, the only survivor of the strange phenomenon found on the first layer of the abyss, was able to recover in a matter of minutes, causing worry among Mio and Jiruo. It is highly probable that the abyss is to blame for Kiyuis's success, although further investigation and investigation are required.

1 The Curse's Effects Have Been Negated by Certain Artifacts

Some delvers go deep into the abyss in search of thrills and lost artifacts that can be rediscovered or rediscovered. These artifacts are considered to be remnants of a previously advanced civilization that cannot be understood or recreated. Even artifacts discovered on the first level by red whistle orphans are sufficient to maintain the Belchero orphanage's maintenance.

However, some of the more powerful and rarer artifacts found deeper within the abyss are highly sought-after prizes, to the point that opposing delving groups will kill one another for them. Examples include the Curse-Warding Box that was responsible for reviving Riko who was inside it even though she was stillborn. Other artifacts such as Bondrewds Zoaholic and the Cradle of Desire can alter and negate the effects of the curse in