10 Tips & Tricks for Playing Hell Pie

10 Tips & Tricks for Playing Hell Pie ...

Hell Pie is a ridiculously funny 3D platformer game that allows players to control Nate, the Demon of Bad Taste, and search for Satan's birthday pie using his angelic companion, Nugget. Players can defeat obscene monsters, unlock new horns and outfits, and defeat demons in style.

Players new to the 3D platformer genre will appreciate that Hell Pie has a straightforward learning curve and a fast action pace that allows them to feel powerful in a world of mishaps and wrongdoings. Take a look at these helpful tips and tricks that will assist you in avoiding costly mistakes while playing Hell Pie.

10 Collect Gems On Every Level

The 3D platformer game has a lot of possibilities for players to explore. One of the main objectives is assembling the necessary ingredients necessary to make a special pie for Satan. There are also many other items that can be purchased to make the game enjoyable to play.

Collecting gems is a no-brainer. There are hundreds of purple gems scattered throughout each map that can be collected by approaching them. These gems may be used to unlock new Nate and Nugget outfits. The Punk outfit can cost players 1,000 gems, while the CEO outfit can be purchased for 2,500 gems.

9 Check The Ingredient List

The Chef, also known as the Canteen Wizard, will offer Nate a list of ingredients that the player must obtain to help make Satan's birthday pie.

The first of these ingredients is the Pie Crust Mix, which players can buy at the supermarket. Nate can then send the ingredients to the Chef, and he will open new worlds in the game and add new ingredients to the Ingredient List.

8 Save Progress At Checkpoints

Nate is haunted by a slew of dangerous demons in Hell Pie's vast world. By utilizing a few basic maneuvers, such as attack and dash, he can keep himself safe from the evil monsters that dwell in the game. Players may save their progress on a level by walking onto checkpoints scattered throughout Hell Pie.

After being struck by the game's creatures, each of these checkpoints allows players to resume their adventure. Skipping checkpoints will land players in frustrating situations and may require people to replay the levels after losing progress.

7 Look For Candymeat To Unlock Abilities

Candymeats are collectible items that players may discover throughout the game. These cans of meat can be useful while traversing the vibrant world of Hell Pie. Once purchased, players will receive a free can of Candymeat that will unlock the Swing ability.

The Swing ability can be unlocked in the Skilltree for one Candymeat. It allows players to use Nugget, Nates' angelic companion, as an air-hook to get across difficult areas in the game. The Swing Boost ability can be unlocked for two Candymeats.

6 Attack Objects In The Environment

Hell Pie is a 3D platformer that allows Nate to use Nugget as a weapon to defy enemies. It also allows players to destroy objects on various levels to get gems. These objects include barrels, crates, and pickle jars.

While playing the levels, beginners may avoid hitting these objects. Leaving a stage without breaking any gems will eventually result in a low gem count, which may prove to be an obstacle later on in the game. Players should avoid hitting friendly characters as it may upset them.

5 Get To The Rooftops

The action adventure game Hell Pie is packed with hidden corners and locations to explore. Every stage has a cleverly designed stage design that encourages people to use their imagination. These structures typically have a treasure trove of gems.

Players may climb crates and other objects to get a better view of any nearby rooftops. Walk up to these support structures and then use Nugget to swing onto the rooftops for a quick time collecting gems.

4 Save Time With Sprint Horns

The most satisfying experience of Hell Pie is completing new horns. Nate can look around the map for ingredients and characters that can be interacted with. The Spring Horns are available at the altar in Sashimi Bay.

The player can sacrifice a sheep at the Shrine of Zlorgmul to get their hands on the Sprint Horns. Players can run through platforms on the ground at increased speed. It's a great experience to watch Nate rush through the levels with the Sprint Horns.

3 Launch Barrels To Burst Out Duuls

After arriving at The Sewers in Sashimi Bay, players may use barrels as bombs to kill enemies in Hell Pie. To launch the barrels as bombs, walk up to them and press the Interact button.

Players must use the limited amount of barrel bombs correctly. Launch these barrel bombs onto cages that have Duuls in them. If players destroy armed monsters in The Sewers, they will run out of barrel bombs.

2 The Overview Can Be A Great Resource

While progressing through the stages in Hell Pie, it may be difficult to navigate the various stages. Each level in the game has dozens of attractions that can be explored to make the game more interesting.

The Overview may be accessed through the menu or with the touch of a button. It should highlight important locations, sub-levels, teleporters, and horn shrines on the map. It should also indicate the total amount of collectibles available on the map.

1 Use Aim For Better Accuracy

Hell Pie has a number of ranged weapons that are wonderful to use against opponents. Players may use Nugget to clobber monsters with their chained attacks, or find guns on the map that can be used to shoot down enemies.

The shotgun is the most recent weapon players can find in the game. Players may use the Aim button to grab a crosshair while shooting with guns. The Aim button gives far better accuracy with their attacks than spraying bullets all over the map. It may be even easier to kill pests and animals with Aim while using the assault rifle.

Hell Pie is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.