Phasmophobia Has Had a Major Impact on Indie Horror

Phasmophobia Has Had a Major Impact on Indie Horror ...

Phasmophobia is a must-see video game from the 2020s, and it was released as an early access download in September 2020 on Steam. Kinetic Games is still developing new ghost types, maps, and other gameplay elements that make Phasmophobia more diverse.

Every smash hit game is likely to spawn a wide spectrum of imitations. For example, fans and critics alike have often compared other open-world games with lush, colorful maps to BotW. Phasmophobia has impacted indie horror in some way or another. At this rate, it only seems like a matter of time until a few AAA games try their hand at some of Phasmophobia's ideas.

Recent Phasmophobia-Like Games

Ghost Exorcism INC. is a mid-2021 game from StudioGoupil that draws on a wealth of ghost-hunting knowledge, from the slow identification process to the more challenging exorcism of ghosts.

Forewarned follows players as they investigate ancient Egyptian tombs in search of artifacts while avoiding ancient undead warriors entombed there. However, Kinetic Games for kicking off the trend is worthy of a few titles.

Phasmophobia Already Has a Legacy

Kinetic Games' work has already had an impact on indie horror, although the genre hasn't yet left early access.

It's possible that larger-scale Phasmophobia imitators may be working in the future. Certainly, prominent AAA horror designers like Resident Evil's Capcom would love to see their work done in a multiplayer game. For the time being, Koei Tecmo's Fatal Frame might be a great IP to spin into a multiplayer form as well.

Phasmophobia is now available on Steam as an early access version on PC.