Outriders: Worldslayer's Apocalypse Weapons Explained

Outriders: Worldslayer's Apocalypse Weapons Explained ...

Outriders received a mixed reception on its release. Despite its varied animations, level design, and particularly its fleshed-out combat mechanics, Outriders' narrative, characters, and general world-building weren't exactly up to scratch. In June of this year, People Can Fly released the extensive expansion Outriders: Worldslayer.

The Worldslayer expansion for many Outriders players was a welcome breath of fresh air that the cooperative shooter needed, and for those on the outside, the game's aggressive marketing did a good job of bringing in some new faces, and the new Apocalypse Tiers and Apocalypse Gear are a tough to deal with.

Outriders: Worldslayer's Apocalypse Gear

The Outriders: Worldslayer expansion adds a brand new Apocalypse Tier to the game, which adds new layers to player progression and character strength. Once players have conquered all of the World Tiers, they'll have to level up 15 Challenge Tiers in the base game.

As the player progresses through the Apocalypse Tiers, the player's odds of finding some of the brand new Apocalypse Gear in Outriders: Worldslayer are increasing, surpassing Legendary Tier weapons and armor. Naturally, Apocalypse Gear is the highest rarity of loot in the game, coming above Legendary Tier weapons and armor.

Apart from its inherent higher stats, Apocalypse Gear offers a significant upgrade over Legendary Gear, which offers just two mod slots, but the mod that takes up that position is already pre-determined on pick-up, meaning that players should be able to select and choose the third mod they want to use with their weapon or armor the most.

Apocalypse Weapons are available at a crafting bench, much like any other item in Outriders: Worldslayer. Titanium, Drop Pod Resources, and the brand new consumable, Anomaly Extract are all required to obtain the upgrade.

Outriders is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.