7 Characters Who Have Significant Weaknesses in MultiVersus

7 Characters Who Have Significant Weaknesses in MultiVersus ...

MultiVersus, a free-to-play fighting game from Smash Bros., will be released starting on July 26th, 2022. This Warner Brother's published platform brawler developed by Player First Games has demonstrated just what it is capable of in its thousands of closed and open betas.

There have also been a fair amount of changes, and on launch, there are quite a few characters in MultiVersus that once were thought of as either overpowered or broken, but now have obvious weaknesses to exploit.

7 Taz The Tasmanian Devil: Small Hitboxes

Taz's detestable Side+Special Taz-Nado was nerfed in the game's full beta release (not the soft launch the week before) (and Bugs is up next)

Taz must jump into the thick of anything that doesn't have a Tornado animation, which is quite unusual. He requires more precision than...a figure like Finn who can swing his sword and strike from ten feet away.

Steven Universe's 6 Garnets: Predictability and Lack Of Options

The Steven Universe reps, even ones that play the character only once in a while, are falling way behind. Garnet (who is free-to-play right now, by the way), is also one of the most heavy-hitting players in the game, both in terms of knockback.

One, she's just predictable, and two, she's really only has a few "responses" to most situations. Every Aerial other than her Neutral Starburst has extremely precise hitboxes.

5 Lebron James: It's Really A Very Technical Job & Struggles To Ring Out

Given that Lebron James has just ceased to play as the newest character in MultiVersus, his flaw, at least right now, is relatively straightforward to diagnose. Essentially, Lebron seems to have trouble KO'ing opponents unless the person who is playing them is exceptionally skilled and/or lucky.

He was assumed that his L-Train dunking Special was his main KO'ing move. It took a professional Smash Ultimate streamer, CLG Void, to put Lebron in his hands and discover that his non-Ball Normals are capable of doing quite well at medium to high damage percentages. However, even then, the non-Ball Normals all have pretty good hitboxes that are easy to spot.

Jake The Dog From Adventure Time: Approach Options

Jake the Dog, a popular Adventure Time character voiced by one John DiMaggio, was one of the first characters beginners could get acquainted with in the last open beta of the game before its release since he was free. He was initially thought of as a game variation on Kirby's roles in the Smash games with That's Heavy Dude, Rubber Stomach, Dude, and Stretchin' Out. But, as time goes on, it's becoming clear that this isn't another "jump up and

This isn't a "glaring weakness" in Jake's ranking compared to other characters, since Hambone Brake is one of the best Aerials in the game.

3 Iron Giant: His Entire Body

Iron Giant is an excellent example of why Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai was so hesitant to include huge characters into his game. This makes him an ideal target for enemies to just combo him to infinity. On top of that, he's fairly proficient with his Rage Mode transformation, fuel gauge, and flying system.

When Iron Giant players first start playing, they may be fine with just making big, bombastic moves, and you'll find yourself as a sandbag if you're not extremely careful about your spacing and damage.

Steven Universe: The Reach Of His Attacks & His Hitboxes

Steven Universe, one of the fewest-played characters in the game, actually has a lot going on as a fighter. He can summon his teammate Watermelon Steven, grant his shields as well as Armor, and can even position terrain on the map in the form of his Hard Light shields. However, his Normals are much more difficult to control due to the fact that they have little contact.

Taz has speed and moves that extend beyond his arm's length, but Steven has a hard time putting his short little arms to the test. Except for his Shield-Breaker Aerial and "Pop!" Aerial Neutral attacks, Steven's every other attack is basically a waste of time. Unless a shield is involved, Steven's attacks almost always get out of his opponent's hands.

1 Arya Stark from Game of Thrones: Easily Killed But Can't Kill Easily

Let's talk about one of the most hilarious characters in MultiVersus, Arya Stark. This isn't to suggest that she's a fan of anime, but rather that she's just funny seeing her next to Velma Dinkley in the Roster.

Arya can get KO'd excessively quickly if her opponent has equally quick attacks or she's blindsided in a Teams match. Plus, unless she sets herself up properly and nothing goes wrong, she struggles to kill her opponents in most situations. Regardless, this isn't a major flaw as it is a deliberate intention to exploit her incredible damage-dealing abilities.

MultiVersus is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.