Every Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption & Where to Find Them

Every Stranger Mission in Red Dead Redemption & Where to Find Them ...

John Marston is able to find strangers and complete tasks for them in the first Red Dead Redemption game. These kinds of side missions were first introduced in Grand Theft Auto 4 and offered the player a chance to explore the game's world. These can include anything from arranging flowers for an elderly man to extorting a politician.

Even if John started them, the strangers will comment on Jack looking different, but will gladly accept his help. Some of the stranger missions in Red Dead Redemption may end badly.

Red Dead Redemption is one of the greatest western action-adventure games ever written by Ritwik Mitra. All of this combined to help it become a household name, setting the stage for a sequel that would build on the experiences that preceded the game in a somewhat organic manner.

There are a few additional quests that can be invoked by talking to one of the many strangers present in the game world. All of the unique characters found in these sidequests are well-known in their own right and help flesh out the game's universe as well.

Here's a quick look at all the Stranger Missions and where players may find them.

Region Mission Given By
New Austin I Know You Strange Man
Jenny's Faith Jenny
Funny Man Jimmy Saint
California Sam Odessa
American Appetites Grace Anderson
Let No Man Put Asunder Alma Horlick
Lights, Camera, Action D.S. MacKenna
Water and Honesty Andrew McAllister
Flowers for a Lady Billy West
Who Are You to Judge? Jeb Blankenship
Nuevo Paraiso Aztec Gold Basilio Aguirre Olmos de la Vargas
Deadalus and Son Charles Kinnear
Eva in Peril Eva Cortes and Mario Alcalde
Love is the Opiate Zhou
Poppycock Uriah Tollets
West Elizabeth American Lobbyist Mr. Philmore
The Prohibitionist Abner Forsyth
The Wronged Woman Clara LaGuerta
Remember My Family Howard Sawicki

19 American Appetites

Near the start of the game, a stranger's mission can be seen at the Armadillo sheriff's office. The first involves the player searching for a woman's son, the second involves the player looking for a man's missing wife, and the third involves the player looking for a missing husband.

On this third time looking, the player will discover two men, one with a broken leg, and a man escaping. There is a choice the player can make, either hogtying the man with the broken leg or the escaping man. At the end of the mission, it is revealed that the man with the broken leg is a cannibal who ate all of the missing people, which makes for a disturbing revelation indeed. Players who chose to avoid doing the task for quite some time would be chas

18 Aztec Gold

Sidewinder Gulch in Mexico is a good location for players to take a break from the civil conflict and go on a treasure hunt. The first map piece is near Primera Quebrada, while the third map piece is near Alta Cabeza.

The player must go to El Matadora and give the pieces to the treasure hunter. The player will follow the hunter into a cave, where they discover a box. It's a shame, but the fact that the quest is funny in its own right makes the issue milder.

17 American Lobbyist

John gets involved in politics for this mission. The mission begins at a gazebo in Blackwater Plaza, where John meets a blackmailer. The man claims a guy who is attempting to reclaim the governor.

The gossiper agrees to stop talking about the governor after successfully being blackmailed. It's a simple yet fun mission that gives players a peek at the dark side of Red Dead Redemption.

16 California

Sam Odessa, a man from New Austin, tells John he is coming to California to raise his family from the Black Sea in Europe to the Pacific Ocean in three generations. The first encounter warns Odessa about the dangers of Gaptooth Ridge.

Odessa is going crazy from the heat and exhaustion found near Cueva Seca and Gaptooth Ridge respectfully. The last encounter is near Tumbleweed, where Odessa is discovered dead, and John must collect a letter from Odessa's body to a telegram station, accomplishing this mission.

15 Deadalus And Son

On the top of a mesa near Agave Viejo in Mexico, players can find the inventor who provides the mission. Charles Kinnear, the inventor, has developed a flying machine and needs supplies for it. John is charged with finding these items.

John will need to research certain types of flowers, bird feathers, and beaver pelts to assist the inventor. Charles will declare he is ready to test his invention. He falls to the ground and dies. It's a rather anticlimactic and funny conclusion to one of the more funny Stranger Missions in Red Dead Redemption.

14 Eva In Peril

John visits Casa Madrugada, where he discovers a man beating up a woman. He will pay the man $200 to free the woman, assisting her escape the abuse.

John will visit the woman at the cemetery after she accidentally killed her. Then John duels the pimp, killing him and venging the woman.

13 Flowers For A Lady

John will meet an old man who wishes to plant flowers for his wife near the MacFarlane Ranch in Stillwater Creek. The man, named Billy West, will ask John to bring back three wild Feverfew, three Red Sage, and three Desert Sage.

The Wild Feverfew can be found near Hennigan's Stead, Red Sage can be found near Rio Bravo, and Desert Sage can be seen near Gaptooth Ridge. After returning these flowers to Billy, John will be invited inside to meet the wife. The player will discover the wife is dead and her decomposing remains are sitting in a chair. It's a truly shocking conclusion that illustrates how depraved certain people in Red Dead Redemption are.

12 Funny Man

At the Benedict Point train station, John meets a New York City journalist named Jimmy Saint. The first part is the easiest; it involves John to talk to Jimmy about life in the west. The next three missions involve Jimmy in troubling situations and being found in gang hideouts.

Jimmy refuses to leave the hideouts and frees himself. During the last encounter, Jimmy says he will not be a writer. Interestingly, Jimmy will say he will instead become a war reporter for World War I. It's these small changes that make playing Jack such a joyous experience... even though a lot of people may not like his character at all.

11 I Know You

This is perhaps one of the oddest missions, as John meets a man who knows a lot about John's past. Armadillo meets MacFarlane's ranch, where he assigns John with dealing with moral dilemmas. The second requires John to go to Thieve's Landing, where he can encourage or discourage an affair.

The man may be met in Mexico, where he is assigned John with either donating to a nun or robbing Beecher's Hope. Here, John gets frustrated, shooting the man three times. The bullets do nothing, making John question who the guy is.

Everything in this side quest foreshadows the game's conclusion. The Strange Man will undoubtedly describe this location as a "fine spot" for John, Uncle, and Abigail later on the line. The three bullets that John shoots at him before the gun jam might be a way to demonstrate how all three characters die but Jack is spared.

10 Jenny's Faith

In comparison to the other ones, this mission is quite simple. The player can find a woman named Jenny near Ridgewood Farm in New Austin. Jenny is dying in the desert, and is unable to relocate.

Jenny will refuse a ride to town because she can do anything because of faith, despite John begging to bring her to town.

9 Let No Man Put Asunder

John discovers an old lady named Alma Horlick in a burned-down house near Coot's Chapel. She is looking for her soon-to-be husband, Peter Turner. The player must then go to Armadillo and talk to the saloon's musician. The player may pay the man for information or complete a task for him.

The wife of the musician is angry at him and must be persuaded to come back. The player can either hold her at gunpoint or hogtie her and return her. Doing either will reveal Peter is buried at Odd Fellow's Rest.

8 Lights, Camera, Action

John talks with MacKenna behind the cinema in Armadillo. The second part requires the player to win a land deed during a game of Liar's Dice. The player must go to Thieves' Landing to complete this mission.

The player is then tasked with returning MacKenna's lead actor to Benedict Point. The actor will face John to a duel, where he must be disarmed, and returning to Armadillo will give the player their reward. MacKenna can later be found at the Pacific Union R. R. Camp, where he claims his theatre failed.

7 Love Is The Opiate

If John contacts Zhou at El Matadero in Mexico, he will be given a second mission. The player will be assigned with locating a white stallion and returning it to Zhou. After this, the player will have to wait a few days to talk to Zhou again.

This time, he will be found at the Chuparosa train station. The player will only need to speak to him, earning fame and honor.

6 Poppycock

John will meet Uriah Tollets, a guy who needs a package delivered. The player must ride to El Matadero to deliver the package. The player will be given $1000 for the package, giving the player a choice.

The player may kill Uriah and keep the money for themselves or they may give it to Uriah. Depending on the choice, players can either gain or lose honor for this mission.

5 Remember My Family

Jack only has a limited amount of time to do this strange mission. It involves defying Edgar Ross and seeking vengeance for the death of John Marston. The mission begins in Blackwater and finishes in Mexico, where Jack must compete against Ross.

Jack is able to avenge his family by assassinating Ross, while also avenging the gang he once loved. After this, the player is free to either make Jack an outlaw or transform him into a decent citizen.

4 The Prohibitionist

Outside of the Blackwater saloon, John can discover a preacher named Abner Forsyth. The player will be charged with talking to the saloon owner, who wants the preacher to leave town.

The player may either murder the preacher or warn him to leave the town. If the preacher is murdered, the player will lose honor. If the preacher is still alive, the reward will double across the game world.

3 The Wronged Woman

John must go to the Blackwater Chapel at night to meet Clara, who claims to be pregnant by her employer, Harold Thornton. Clara claims she wants a few bucks for the child, so she has hired John to hunt him down.

After a few days, Harold will hold a funeral for John at the Blackwater Cemetery. Clara will be contacted, and it is revealed that she was not Harold's child.

2 Water And Honest

On the journey from Armadillo to MacFarlane's Ranch, players meet a guy named Andrew McAllister, who is charged with getting the deed to a property located west of Armadillo. Players will go to the property and find another guy, named Clyde.

Players may purchase the deed off of Clyde or kill him. The player must then return to Andrew and give him the deed. As a side note, the player can then loot the deed from his body, allowing the player to own the house.

1 Who Are You To Judge?

At Rathskeller Fork, John will discover Jed Blankenship, the giver of this mission. Jed will inform John that his love has been kidnapped by gangsters at Tumbleweed. The player will then go to Tumbleweed and find a woman there. After talking with Jed, it is revealed that she loves the horse.

At Rathskeller Fork, a woman brings the horse back to Jed, where it is revealed that Jed's love is different from that of a pet, but romantic love. Later in the game, a newspaper reports that Jed and the horse ended their marriage in a happy (if not weird) conclusion.

Red Dead Redemption is now available on PS3 and Xbox 360.