The Elden Ring's Top 8 Cold Weapons, Ranked

The Elden Ring's Top 8 Cold Weapons, Ranked ...

Elden Ring's Frostbite or Cold damage is quite underrated; a lot of players prefer the closest meta tactics available because to the Cold's innate Frostbite buildup or the Cold prefix.

Frostbite in Elden Ring will not only dispense percentage damage, but will also slow down any target who has been debilitated by the status effect. So the next time players find themselves lacking additional intelligence or just want some chill gameplay, these Cold weapons are definitely cool.

8 Frozen Needle

  • Weapon class: Thrusting Sword
  • Weight: 2.5
  • Max scaling: Str - D; Dex - B
  • Max damage: 242

The Frozen Needle in Elden Ring is a niche weapon since players can't infuse it with an Ash of War or alter its prefix. One glance at its name, it's clear what this weapon does. However, for a one-trick-pony weapon, the Frozen Needle remains a viable Cold weapon.

Thrusting Swords are equally effective for battlemage builds that include Dexterity points. After all, dexterity increases spellcasting speed, so this weapon will work well for certain playstyles.

7 Antspur Rapier

  • Weapon class: Thrusting Sword
  • Weight: 3.0
  • Max scaling: Str - C; Dex - C; Int - C
  • Max damage: 169+135

The scaling on a Cold Antspur Rapier is a hot mess, but players will want to look beyond that. Because this thrusting sword inflicts Rot damage, it's double the damage for any target since the Antspur Rapier is a relatively quick weapon.

For these stunning status effects, players can dual wield this with the Frozen Needle in the off-hand position and powerstance with the thrust attacks.

6 Rotten Battle Hammer

  • Weapon class: Great Hammer
  • Weight: 10.0
  • Max scaling: Str - B; Dex - D; Int - C
  • Max damage: 219+165

Elden Ring's Rotten Battle Hammer is already begging to be infused with a Cold prefix, making the weapon's maneuvers even more devastating. It's because of this fact that the weapon has one of the highest Frostbite buildup rates in the game.

Strength-Intelligence hybrids aren't uncommon in Elden Ring, yet some weapons encourage such behavior. In fact, some Great Hammer Ashes of War can ensure that players trigger both Rot and Frostbite in just one weapon skill cast or combo.

5 Rotten Greataxe

  • Weapon class: Greataxe
  • Weight: 20.0
  • Max scaling: Str - D; Dex - B; Int - D
  • Max damage: 282+212

The Rotten Greataxe might be the better alternative to the Rotten Battle Hammer for more Dex-oriented hybrids in Elden Ring. This weapon is powerful, but it allows players to go all out with Dexterity as long as they include the Cold prefix.

Sure, it inflicts Rot. For Frostbite, it has the highest buildup number at 153 per hit. If players pair it with an Ash of War that hits multiple times in rapid succession, they'll be inflicting both Rot and Frostbite in no time. Plus, the weapon's weight makes it easier to stance-break some enemies or bosses.

4 Venomous Fang

  • Weapon class: Claw
  • Weight: 2.5
  • Max scaling: Str - C; Dex - C; Int - C
  • Max damage: 158+126

Poison is also a good match for Frostbite. Fortunately, weapons such as the Venomous Fang exist and allow players to apply both Poison and Frostbite quickly if the enemies aren't already worried or incapacitated.

With a Cold prefix, the Venomous Fang has little damage and range, but players aren't concerned about the scaling here. As long as players ensure both Poison and Frostbite remain triggered, that's not exactly difficult to achieve.

3 Grave Scythe

  • Weapon class: Reaper
  • Weight: 9.5
  • Max scaling: Str - C; Dex - D; Int - D
  • Max damage: 248+198

If used with the Cold prefix, it's another Strength-Intelligence hybrid weapon, but it's one of the few Strength weapons that allows players to activate Bleed more reliably. Scythes tend to be faster than greatswords or massive weapons that have bleed.

Moreover, they may also trigger Frostbite more frequently. The Cold prefix does little to interfere with this scythe's Bleed buildup damage, so it's like having the best of both worlds. There are plenty of good Ashes of War for the reaper weapon class, such as Phantom Slash.

2 Nagakiba

  • Weapon class: Katana
  • Weight: 5.5
  • Max scaling: Str - D; Dex - B; Int - C
  • Max damage: 198+158

The Nagakiba, which is a Dexterity weapon through and through, fits in nicely with Dex-Int hybrids that went for the Cold prefix. In terms of damage and scaling, it's on par with the Uchigatana in terms of strength and range (save for the Strength scaling), but the Nagakiba has the advantage of a longer reach or range.

Both Frostbite and Bleed can be used more effectively in Elden Ring. The combination is powerful against most bosses or even in PvP. Of course, there's also the possibility of pairing one of these with an Uchigatana for an even greater trigger chance.

1 Dark Moon Greatsword

  • Weapon class: Greatsword
  • Weight: 10.0
  • Max scaling: Str - D; Dex - D; Int - B
  • Max damage: 200+240

This weapon class is made for pure Intelligence builds; those who have gone the frost mage route will find it useful, particularly if they want to keep some FP. For one minute, you can range unlimited Frostbite attacks.

The Dark Moon Greatsword will still inflict Frostbite buildup on enemies, despite just regular attacks. Paired with tons of cold damage buffs from both spells and items, it's tough for any other Cold weapon to defeat the Dark Moon Greatsword's synergy.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.