Owlboy Developers Reveal New Game at Gamescom

Owlboy Developers Reveal New Game at Gamescom ...

After years of silence, the well-known D-Pad Studio is coming back with a completely different game announcement. For the time being, the studio is keeping the game secret.

Owlboy, a strategy-platformer released in 2016, is best known by D-Pad Studio, although the studio's first release was in 2013 with the twin-stick shooter Savant: Ascent. Since then, the studio has held anniversary livestreams, but kept quiet about future projects.

The studio released a short looping video of a question mark floating in a field as a surprise announcement. The video is accompanied by text indicating that a new game will be released at Gamescom between August 24 and 28. Information is scarce, but the official confirmation marks the start of an exciting year for fans of the studio's previous games.

Although the post does not contain much information or gameplay, there are still some interesting things to consider. For one, there seem to be mountains in the distance and not a floating island in sight. Due to the assumption that this is a piece of art related to Owlboy, it appears unlikely that the project would be set in the same universe as that game that featured floating islands.

Even Nintendo and Sony have skipped Gamescom this year, so the event may be a good opportunity for independent games to get some recognition. It can be difficult for independently-developed games to get a wide audience unless they are lucky enough to get a spot in a Nintendo Direct or a State of Play, so indie studios who make it to Gamescom this year have fewer big publishers to overlook.

Owlboy is a great game that combines storytelling and gameplay, and it seems likely that future projects from D-Pad Studio will follow this lead. The long development intervals D-Pad Studio allows for its projects allow them to show through very well with well-thought-out gameplay and cohesive worlds, and it appears that the studio's previous game may have taken a long time to develop, so hopefully, it will pay off.

The unannounced project by D-Pad Studio will be announced at Gamescom 2022.