Best Factions About A Solar Empire's Sins

Best Factions About A Solar Empire's Sins ...

The stand-alone expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion improves upon the already fantastic base game, allowing for quick gameplay sessions. Although Rebellion includes many other DLCs that can enhance and enhance game rounds, players will need to choose the right faction for their playing style before jumping into action.

The original game offered players three factions to choose from, including the vanilla TEC human faction, the zealous Advent who has psychic abilities, and the Vasari insectoid empire. In Rebellion, each faction is further divided into two sub-factions, both with different research abilities and factions, and everyone's favorite, titans.

6 Advent Loyalist

The Advent, once a prosperous race that inhabited a desert planet, were ejected into deeper space due to their refusal to join the TEC and were forced to flee their homes. Trying to escape persecution no matter what, the remaining Advent continued researching powerful new technologies and adopted dogma to one day overthrow those who had wronged them and establish themselves as the dominant force within the galaxy.

These Advent loyalists make up for it in the late-game stages due to their technologies that help to strengthen their economic and military power. Moreover, they can use culture as a weapon to deceive opponents.

5 Advent Rebel

The Advent rebels seek to break away from the vehement dogma to dominate the galaxy and establish connections with the other factions so that true peace may flourish. They have advantages, including having one of the most powerful titans in the game, good cultural technologies, and the ability to temporarily clone ships that are killed. Lastly, they have the wail ability that allows them to do massive damage on adjacent planets by killing a planet.

The rebels have several decent low-tier techs that are great during the mid-game. However, they may be overshadowed by their loyalist cousins in the late game. That said, these guys may be quite difficult to take out if their abilities are used effectively.

4 TEC Loyalists

The TEC loyalists are a sect within the game that is tired of the constant fighting and wish to remain isolated from the conflict. They have several advantages, including Novalith deregulation which allows them to produce the superweapon faster and cheaper and they have a lot of equipment that boost armor and weapon damage in their wells of influence.

This faction is ideal for defense-oriented players due to its exceptional late-game defense. These loyalists also have the greatest and most useful corvettes within the game and their titan becomes virtually unstoppable in the late game. Add that to a large amount of Novaliths and twin starbases and this faction can be nearly unstoppable.

3 TEC Rebels

The Rebels are seeking vengeance for the numerous deaths that humanity has endured against the Vasari and Advent. These guys are the pinnacle of aggression, a fact that is reflected by their titan. They may also purchase additional ships at culture stations because to their technologies.

When the TEC rebel titan reaches its maximum level, it becomes virtually unstoppable. Other titans, capital ships, starbases, and even entire fleets can be taken out on their own.

2 Vasari Loyalists

The Vasari are on the run from a terrifying foe that threatens to devour them. Following their code of evacuate, siphon, and run the Vasari loyalists want to stay ahead of the curve so that they do not fall prey to whatever lurks in the shadows. Their titans can also be upgraded to become mobile research centers.

The loyalists are the only faction in the game that can inflict permanent damage on the map as they can devour planets to further their abilities. These guys shine with their high damage and mobility as they are able to launch quick blitzkrieg assaults or quick raids on unsuspecting opponents.

1 Vasari Rebels

The Vasari rebels offer some of the greatest shields and hull technologies within the game. Their offense is decent as there are technologies that increase damage when ships invade or when allies are present. Their titan is a sturdy beast, but it loses much of its damage output.

Once all of the necessary research is done, these guys shine in the late game. Rebels may bring their entire fleets and star bases with them. Most especially, their super weapon can phase jump behind enemy lines, allowing for some pretty impressive back door strikes.

The PC version of Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is now available.