Minecraft Legends Should Lead to New Utility Mobs for the Original Game

Minecraft Legends Should Lead to New Utility Mobs for the Original Game ...

Strategy might be the most surprising of all the genres Minecraft Legends might have tried its hand at. This isn't surprising considering the base Minecraft's emphasis on exploration in Survival mode, but it'll certainly make Minecraft Legends more interesting in the long run, since the premise allows it to experiment with new mob and block types that are useful in a strategy setting.

Apart from a Minecraft mob vote that nearly enlisted the Minecraft Dungeons enemy, spinoffs haven't had a significant impact on the sandbox top-seller in any way. Rather, the Minecraft Legends strategy could lead to a number of mob concepts that shine in a sandbox context. Perhaps these golems or other handmade utility mobs will appear in Minecraft, giving players an alternative way to populate their settlements with helpful artificial neighbors.

Minecraft Deserves More Utility Mobs

Minecraft has only a few players who can intentionally create as helpers. Iron golems are likely Minecraft's most famous example; players can use their iron to make a bodyguard as well. Snow golems are also very useful as shields from the endless snowfall.

Minecraft Legends sounds like an ideal platform to expand your handmade mob collection. From coal golems that light fires to amethyst golems that create razor-sharp terrain to ward off the piglin Nether army, players might be able to add some new mobs as well.

Any new Minecraft mob or craftable creature might be a fantastic addition to Minecraft. A coal golem might keep the player's furnaces lit, an animated scarecrow might guard areas from dangerous hostile mobs, and so on. The copper golem, another defeated Minecraft mob vote candidate, proved that there are still plenty of creative niches worth filling with handmade utility mobs. In the future, Minecraft Legends will leverage the golem archetype to flesh out the Overworld army and test concepts

Players may want to avoid holding their breath for more utility mobs in the near future, although it's entirely possible that Mojang may put a little more emphasis on the idea after finishing Minecraft Legends. Spinoffs are a great opportunity for Mojang to experiment with different Minecraft concepts, while also gaining new mobs inspired by the strategy model.

Minecraft Legends will be released in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.