Should You Give Cerberus Information To Shadow Broker In Mass Effect 1?

Should You Give Cerberus Information To Shadow Broker In Mass Effect 1? ...

In Mass Effect 1, players will have to decide whether or not to sell the Shadow Broker information. This is one of the many choices that players can make in this groundbreaking RPG, and some people may want to make the most optimal decision here.

The manual includes spoilers about a Mass Effect 1 side mission.

Ritwik Mitra's post has been updated on July 30, 2022. The first Mass Effect title elevated BioWare's name to a whole new level. The game's amazing story-driven approach made the experience feel positively epic. This series has influenced a number of genres in the modern age, and the Legendary Edition has helped iron out the flaws that might have prevented some people from getting into this incredible game.

The sheer impact that Mass Effect 3's choices had was lauded. However, the way that the first two games woven a player's choices in the game remains incredible. Here's a detailed look at everything related to this decision.


Cerberus is a destructive group that justifyes all of its heinous actions by declaring them for a greater cause. Led by the charismatic Illusive Man, Cerberus is easily one of the most engaging groups in the game that players will be engaging with time and time again.

Cerberus gets introduced and fleshed out in a number of side stories, codex entries, and the like. In the second and third games, he gets to play as an adversary while later becoming one of the main antagonists.

The Shadow Broker is a shady entity that deals in the information business. They sell sensitive and game-changing information to the highest bidder and play the odds just right so that the organization never gets overwhelmed by an outside force.

The Shadow Broker plays a significant role in the second Mass Effect, as part of the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. Shepard and Liara take on the leadership of the organization themselves, culminating in an entertaining battle, with Liara taking over as the Shadow Broker after the previous one is put to rest.

Events of Mass Effect

When Commander Shepard is first introduced to the Krogan in the Citadel, he will first hear about the Shadow Broker from Wrex. In this instance, the Shadow Broker hired Wrex to kill Fist.

Shepard may strike a contract with the Shadow Broker during the mission UNC: Hades' Dogs, which follows the UNC: Missing Marines mission. This mission can be assigned from Admiral Kohaku, located near the steps leading up to the Citadel Council.

Commander Shepard will discover Admiral Kohaku dead inside a Cerberus base during the Hades' Dogs mission. Shepard will first need to go to the Cerberus base on Nepheron to speak with the Shadow Broker.

Shepard should first use a terminal in one of the rooms after clearing out the base, eliciting a message that Shepard has datamined some files from the computer. The Shadow Broker will contact her the next time she navigates the Normandy.

According to the Shadow Broker's agent, Kohaku was hired by them to obtain Cerberus files but died in the process. Now, the Shadow Broker wants to trade the information in exchange for some credits. If Shepard follows the rules, they'll also earn Renegade points. Refuse, and Shepard will earn Paragon points.

Cerberus isn't a morally correct entity, although it might seem like the "good" option to refuse as the Shadow Broker isn't dealing in the cleanest of environments.


The Shadow Broker will say they won't forget it if Shepard needs help in the future. However, this decision doesn't affect anything in Mass Effect 2 or 3, as many other decisions do. Despite the fact that the Shadow Broker becomes more prominent in Mass Effect 2, it doesn't affect anything in Mass Effect 2.

The only real impact this mission has on Commander Shepard or Mass Effect are the Paragon and Renegade levels, and nothing else. However, some dialogue regarding Miranda Lawson and Tali will change in the sequel. An Asari Spectre will also be aware of Shepard's participation in this mission.

In the Shadow Broker's Lair in Mass Effect 2, the Shadow Broker plays a bigger role.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.