Doctor Strange's Midnight Suns Gameplay Breakdown in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Doctor Strange's Midnight Suns Gameplay Breakdown in Marvel's Midnight Suns ...

Doctor Strange is well-known for his elaborate, mystical spell-casting, and his enjoyment of his abilities is matched with marvellous detail in Marvels Midnight Suns' special effects, which show off his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Doctor Strange has recently received his own gameplay showcase, which proves once again that each character in Marvels Midnight Suns is different from the others. The showcase, offered once again by YouTuber Christoper Odd, illustrates how Strange is primarily a support class character that relies upon a decent amount of heroism in order to fully exploit his heroic and skill cards.

Doctor Strange is mainly interested in providing support in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Doctor Strange is what Odd calls the ultimate support hero on the battlefield, capable of healing, shielding, and concealing himself or his allies. However, Concealed is negated if the Concealed party member is injured by an AoE attack, Knockback, or environmental impact, or at the end of the turn.

In Marvels Midnight Sunsby casting Resist, Vapors of Valtorr might restore health to that party member upon upgrading. Doctor Stranges Shield of the Seraphim heroic card gives himself and all players party members a substantial bonus to themselves and all players party members.

Cure to Strange and all his friends is cast simultaneously, eliminating all negative status effects they may have previously had. However, Strange is still powerful without upgrades, but additional status effects can be applied or removed as well as any buffs and debuffs already included in his cards by default.

Doctor Strange's Gameplay Introduces Marvel's Midnight Suns Combat Items

Doctor Strange is primarily focused on the use of Combat Items, and all players utilize unique abilities regardless of which characters they bring into combat.

Examples of Combat Items shown are Gamma Reversion Pulse, which allows players to select an enemy or ally to remove all status effects from, and Habanero Dart, which applies the Vulnerable effect twice, while only two Combat Items may be equipped and brought into combat before future upgrades may allow more to be equipped.

As Odd states that Combat Items are ordinarily single-use consumables, but the Doctor Stranges Astral Meditation skill card restores the use of Midnight Suns two combat items that have been previously used in that combat mission for replay. More Combat Items can then be restored following an upgrade to Astral Meditation, and the skill card also grants two redraws, with a later upgrade drawing the last attack card that was played.

Astral Meditation is limited in its ability to be used only once in a Midnight Suns combat mission, and therefore its use is only recommended when Combat Items have already been utilized. Many Stranges cards and abilities are best used after careful consideration such as this, where heroism comes into play as a resource that players may want to reserve for the Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange Benefits from Heroism Enhancements

Doctor Strange is well-suited to any party that requires a support class character. While Captain America revolves around redraws in Marvels Midnight Suns, he revolves around the subtle nuances of the games heroism resource. Doctor Strange's Greater Good passive ability, which can be upgraded by hanging out with him at the Abbey, grants a chance for additional heroism to be generated each turn.

Doctor Strange is also heavily influenced by the Enhanced effect on many of his cards, which allows a bonus depending on a minimum amount of heroism, thus establishing a heroic ability cost threshold.

An upgrade to Stranges Shield of the Seraphim heroic card gives it an increased effect with six heroism and Resist for each ally. Likewise, a later upgrade to Stranges Vapors of the Valtorr skill card applies two Fast, reducing the cost of heroic cards.

Doctor Stranges Seven Suns of Cinnibus' heroic card damages all enemies in an area and is enhanced further with additional heroism to deal even more damage, especially if players have been harvesting heroism through the Stranges Greater Good passive ability. One later upgrade restores Strange's health to Strange upon redrawing.

Doctor Strange appears to be extremely powerful as a support unit that can also do damage when heroism is cultivated and balanced appropriately in his favor. It's also imperative to upgrade his cards and passive abilities so that players may fully utilize his equipment in Firaxis' latest tactical game.

Marvel's Midnight Suns is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One on October 7th.