Rebellion Best Titans: Sins Of A Solar Empire

Rebellion Best Titans: Sins Of A Solar Empire ...

Back in 2008, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion offered a solid streamlined 4X experience combined with real-time strategy. The sequel expanded on this notion by adding new factions, ships, research, and strategies to outmaneuver opponents.

Each of the six factions includes brand new titan class warships that dwarf even the most powerful capital cruisers, and additional firepower and special abilities that will turn the scales of battle in their favor. Players can now choose the Loyalist or Rebel variant of their chosen race and be introduced to their faction's unique titan ship.

Players will be able to level up their titan ships, and it is recommended that players do so according to their preferred gameplay style and also adapt to the circumstances. It is recommended that players test these titans out, deactivate the auto-cast button, and master the art of timing their abilities.

Ragnarov (TEC Rebels)

The Ragnarov, a massive dreadnought capable of doing some hard-hitting, is also the easiest titan warship to master. That's because it exists for one purpose: to sabotage everything in its path. One skill Scattershot unleashes a slew of missiles directly at the enemy, while the other skill Snipe unleashes a massive longshot that does a lot of damage.

The Ragnarov is ideal in 1-on-1 combat against other titan ships and starbases because of its speed and vulnerability.

Vorastra (Vasari Loyalists)

The Vorastra goes against the grain like most titan class warships. It does this by being extremely mobile, able to teleport or phase around the battlefield, or by avoiding enemy defenders off-guard in the event of annihilation. Another ability that gives the ship some endurance is the ability to tank some damage and reduce weapon cooldowns.

The Vorastra also has the Spawn Space Stabilizer ability, which makes this ship a nightmare for defenders, while also making the player a savage devourer: the Maw. The maw basically disables the ship for a moment before turning the Vorastra into a voracious devourer.

This ship is the ideal fit for gamers who like to use guerilla tactics or want to surprise their foes. However, the ship is vulnerable to bomber squadrons and only has two offensive abilities that require it to have support ships. Additionally, if the ship runs out of antimatter rapidly, it's in serious danger.

Eradica (Advent Rebels)

This titan, nicknamed the angel of death, appears to be something from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and is considered to be one of the most dangerous ships in the Sins of a Solar Empire franchise. These skills include Purification, which allows players to remove a friendly ship's shields, hull, and antimatter.

Strength of the Fallen is a skill that allows every dying ship near the Eradica to have an increased damage output of 8%. This ability can be stacked up to five times, meaning that ships on the brink of death can suffer 40% more damage.

Undying Will is where it shines as it recovers antimatter, reduces the ability cooldown rate, and reduces incoming damage. This makes the Eradica a dangerous ship to battle, and in experienced hands, it is almost unstoppable. However, it does require nearby ships to do some serious damage, and players must be cautious.

On PC, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion is available.