The Top 7 Steam Coloring Book Games

The Top 7 Steam Coloring Book Games ...

Coloring is not just for kids, but for adults, as well, as it can be represented in many forms, including traditional coloring pages, pixel art, Paint By Numbers, and Nonograms. Coloring can also be represented digitally, whether it be in an app or online.

Many people find coloring helpful in reducing stress. Steam includes a number of these games that will help you unwind and relax. On August 2, there will be a National Coloring Book Day, so there are plenty of games for people who want to try their hand at coloring without going out and purchasing pencils.

7 Pixel Art Coloring Book

Pixel Art Coloring Book is a calming Paint By Numbers game with pixel graphics. Players choose colors and add them to the corresponding numbers in the pictures. It includes images from animals, anime, mandalas, architecture, and more.

The game includes different textures and filters to enhance the visual effects. Players may zoom in on specific areas, color continuously, paint cells of the same color, and paint entire areas.

6 Picross Touch

Picross Touch is an indie puzzle strategy game that involves players solving logic puzzles to color in a picture. Players must fill in boxes and paint boxes out of the grid. There are tens of thousands of levels and game options to suit different play styles.

Players may pause and return to their puzzles at any time, and they may cancel out actions. There is a workshop to look at other players' levels, and a level editor to create and share their own puzzles. A theme editor allows people to choose a color and create a theme for them.

5 Draw Puzzle

Draw Puzzle is a casual indie puzzle game that requires players to connect squares of the same color and number to finish the pixel art. There are four modes: normal, jigsaw, challenge, and random. In normal mode, there are more than one hundred puzzles of various sizes, while in jigsaw mode, there are larger puzzles made up of smaller puzzles.

The game includes a level editor that allows players to make their own pixel art, make puzzles, and publish their work online. This feature supports importing and exporting images. Draw Puzzle is free to play and all updates are available for free.

4 Coloring Pixels

Coloring Pixels is a 2-D pixel art game that allows players to color the pictures by adding colors to the number blocks in the picture that match their themes, difficulties, and sizes. There are over ninety free levels, and over three hundred levels total.

Coloring Pixels includes many useful features, including a dark mode option, multiple fonts, buttons that may be reintroduced, and many contrast options.

3 Pictopix

Pictopix is an independently developed game that uses logic puzzles to reveal pictures, often referred to as Nonograms. This is done by filling in or leaving blank boxes according to the numbers on the side of the grids. There are over three hundred colored puzzles and many sizes of grids that may be zoomed in on.

Pictopix has a puzzle editor that allows players to make their own puzzles and share them online. There are even trading cards and achievements to unlock.

2 Coloring Book For Adults

This is a casual and relaxing coloring game that does not dictate what colors go where. Players may choose from many palettes, shades, and color nuances, from pop art to animals. There are twenty coloring pages included.

The game allows you to zoom in to specific areas for more detailed coloring. Relaxing background music is available to turn on. The finished artwork may be saved and downloaded.

1 Coloring Game

The Color Game is an anti-stress Paint By Numbers series that includes pixel graphics. The games have three modes: numbered pixels only, highlighting the coloring area only, and a combination of the two. There are a variety of tools available, such as a button to cancel any action.

Players may animate the pixel art by completeing the picture. The base games include fifteen free levels, and inexpensive DLCs are available in categories like Steampunk, Cats & Dogs, Sports, and more.

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