Reinhardt Jumps Off of Ilios To Recover a Falling Mercy in an Overwatch Clip

Reinhardt Jumps Off of Ilios To Recover a Falling Mercy in an Overwatch Clip ...

In Overwatch, a proper team dynamics is crucial as players balance damage, tank, and support heroes, but sometimes teammates go above and beyond. One Overwatch player has captured the exact moment that a Reinhardt sacrificed themselves for a Mercy that was destined to vanish off the Ilios map.

Majiingilane, an Overwatch support hero, has shared a clip from an Overwatch match they recently had in which a Reinhardt jumps off a ledge to rescue the Mercy, who proceeds to heal others as soon as they reach her.

In this Overwatch clip, a player heals an allied Moira from behind a Reinhardt that's preventing them from receiving any damage. An enemy Roadhog uses their hook to draw the support hero towards them and next to a ledge, causing the Mercy to collapse. The Reinhardt abandons their post to save the healer by switching places with them.

Majiingilane's Overwatch video allows the Mercy to quickly use the Guardian Angel ability - which will remain a skill of hers in Overwatch 2 - to return to Ilios and continue supporting the rest of their team. As the clip concludes, the Roadhog slowly retreats, and the Mercy returns to a position behind the capture area with an allied Moira. It's not clear if this push helped the team win their battle on Ilios.

Many Overwatch fans quickly responded to Majiingilane's tweet to let other players know that Reinhardt's death was unnecessary and that they could have stood on the ledge instead. One response expressed enthusiasm for Mercy's teammate Moira saying goodbye as Reinhardt fell to their deaths, while others praised the tank hero who is less effective in Overwatch 2 for being knightly and brave.

Overwatch is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.