How To Grow It In Stardew Valley

How To Grow It In Stardew Valley ...

Stardew Valley's success is primarily a matter of growing crops and earning gold. Players must constantly improve what they grow in order to remain profitable. There are a few exceptional options available in Stardew Valley that can earn players large sums of money.

The Rare Seed is a staple crop in Stardew Valley. It can be a challenge to obtain. This guide will assist you in acquiring a Rare Seed and turning it into a Sweet Gem Berry.

Where to Get Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley

The Traveling Cart in Cindersap Forest has a small chance to stock this essential seed, although there is little more than a 2% chance to find them at JojaMart or Pierre's General Store.

The most beneficial method to grow the Sweet Gem Berry is to purchase Rare Seeds from the Traveling Cart (between 600 and 1,000 gold). As an alternative, players may place Sweet Gem Berries into a Seed Maker to create more Rare Seeds, but the profit margin may drop dramatically. Players should stick to putting only inferior quality berries into a Seed Maker to maintain a solid return on investment.

How to Grow Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley

The description of the Rare Seed is jarring because it claims that it takes 24 days to grow. In reality, even if the player doesn't have the Agriculturist profession or uses any fertilizer, the Rare Seed can grow much longer. With either or both of the Speed-Gro fertilizer or Agriculturist bonus working, players may shorten that time considerably.

Rare Seeds must be sown in the Fall, being one of the most profitable crops in the game. For this reason, players must unlock the Greenhouse option in their Stardew Valley playthrough in order to get the most value out of these crops. Or, complete all Pantry Bundles in the Community Center.

Stardew Valley is now available on Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.