The Top 10 Competitive Battling Items Held in Pokemon

The Top 10 Competitive Battling Items Held in Pokemon ...

Held items have been an integral part of the Pokemon series since their introduction in Generation 2. Some items only work for certain Pokemon, such as Mega Stones or Arceus plates. Others may affect large groups of Pokemon, such as Pokemon of a certain type of even a certain evolutionary stage.

Choosing the right held item in battle can be very important in the competitive meta. Some Pokemon prefer movesets that mirror the item the player has chosen to give them. While experimentation with a Pokemon's selected item is encouraged, these ten held items are never a bad choice for a competitive team.

10 Eviolite

The Eviolite item first appeared in Pokemon Black & White, giving a unique benefit to certain Pokemon. If given to an undeveloped Pokemon, the Eviolite will boost a Pokemon's Defense and Special Defense stats by 50%. This is quite a significant increase when given to Pokemon with already-high numbers in those areas.

Unvolved Pokemon are rare in the competitive meta despite the Eviolite's powerful effect. Togetic, Dusclops, and Pikachu are some great options, and it makes for an interesting matchup for opposing players. The increased Defense stats certainly helps keep these weaker Pokemon alive longer.

9 Air Balloon

This item has a very specific, short-term advantage. A Pokemon will be resistant to Ground-type assaults when equipped. However, the effect will dissipate once the Pokemon that was sent out has been hit by an attack. This basically grants Pokemon temporary usage of the ability Levitate or temporary benefits of a Flying-type.

Non-Flying-type Pokemon that are susceptible to Ground-type attacks are particularly beneficial. These types include Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, and Steel. A popular Pokemon for this item is the Fire/Steel-type Heatran, which allows for an easier setup against Pokemon like Landorus.

8 Power Herb

The Power Herb is only available once per battle, but it can be extremely beneficial to Pokemon who want to deal huge amounts of damage. For example, some moves like Solar Beam and Sky Drop will not waste a player's turn strategizing.

Xerneas in particular has incredible Attack and Special Attack stats, which it can exploit with its signature move Geomancy. By giving Xerneas a Power Herb, Geomancy can deal unbelievable amounts of damage without having to charge for a turn.

7 Choice Band / Scarf / Specs

When held by a Pokemon in battle, the Choice Band, the Choice Scarf, and the Choice Specs boost their Special Attack. However, these stat increases also come with a price.

A Pokemon who has either of these three items equipped may only perform the first move they select in battle. That means that these items are mostly useful for powerful attack-focused Pokemon. A great way to use this item is with a Pokemon like Manectric who can use a powered-up Volt Switch immediately.

6 Rocky Helmet

This item is ideal for Pokemon that are designed to deal significant damage, such as Walls or Stallers. When equipped, the Rocky Helmet will inflict damage upon any opposing Pokemon who makes contact with the user. Essentially, if the enemy Pokemon uses a physical attack, they will suffer additional damage.

Pairing this item with a set-up of Spikes or Stealth Rocks may result in a Pokemon switching in and receiving tons of damage before the end of their first turn, and pairing this item with a Ferrothorn or Togedemaru with Iron Barbs will double the damage done on contact.

5 Heavy-Duty Boots

On the opposite side of Rocky Helmet, there's also the Heavy-Duty Boots. This item will negate the effects of entry hazards on Pokemon that are switching-in. These include Stealth Rocks, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, and Sticky Web, which can often cause great damage to switch-ins, and can also slow them down.

For some Pokemon, having Heavy-Duty Boots might be non-negotiable in order to avoid a devastating Support Pokemon. A move like Stealth Rock can be a death sentence to Pokemon to typings like Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug. A good strategy would be to give a Pokemon like Dhelmise Heavy-Duty Boots and Rapid Spin.

4 Focus Sash

This move prevents one-hit KOs, affecting Pokemon with full health who would otherwise faint from a move by leaving them with only 1 HP. It can only be used once, so make sure you switch-in your Focus Sash user very carefully.

This item is extremely useful for fragile Pokemon that can wreak havoc, such as Dugtrio or Salazzle. It can also be used very strategically with the move Pain Split, which adds the user's HPS and the target Pokemon together and divides them by two. This may turn the tide against certain Walls that deal enormous damage.

3 Assault Vest

The Assault Vest is a reliable moveset item for attack-driven moves. When equipped, the Assault Vest will increase a Pokemon's Special Defense while preventing them from using status moves. This is particularly useful for strong sweepers who may not have the special defense they need to withstand blows from certain Special Attackers.

The Assault Vest can transform weak Pokemon into powerhouses. Azumarill, Darmanitan, and Rhyperior are among Pokemon that report a significant increase in their Special Defense stats as a result of the Assault Velt. However, it's probably not the most suitable item for Pokemon who depend on status moves and support.

2 Life Orb

Any holding item that increases a Pokemon's Attack and Special Attack stats is useful. However, the Life Orb comes with a price. When equipped, the Life Orb will power all of its user's moves by 30%, but with every attack will take 10% of their max HP.

Absol or Urshifu may not have the Attack or Special Attack stats to really turn the tide of battle. The Life Orb will push these Pokemon over the edge, although at the cost of some HP. Another item, the Flame Orb, will burn the holder at the end of every turn, which works well with the move Fling.

1 Leftovers

Leftovers is one of the most widely used Pokemon items in the competitive Pokemon meta. This item's ability is simple: it restores a little bit of HP at the end of every turn. Over time, certain Pokemon can benefit from the minor health gains as the battle progresses.

Leftovers is especially beneficial for Pokemon with the move Protect. A successful block of an attack is a great way for players to earn a bonus health boost. For Pokemon like Togekiss, the move Roost is also a good choice, as one turn can result in almost 56% of health being recovered at once.