Sony is removing a PS5 feature due to its limited use

Sony is removing a PS5 feature due to its limited use ...

The PlayStation 5 has many features that its predecessor lacks, such as cards that provide in-game help and a PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, one of the PS5 improvements received little use, meaning that the feature will soon be removed.

PlayStation 5 users will soon lose access to the Accolades system, which was originally designed to reward gamers who positively contributed to multiplayer experiences. These three Accolades were helpful,welcoming, andgood sport; therefore, players might get them by playing a number of multiplayer games. Sadly, most players will likely have empty Accolades sections when they examine their profiles.

The PS5s Accolades system is being phased out as a result of a message on the Japanese PlayStation Support website. Although no specific date has been given for its removal, a Fall 2022 deadline has been provided. According to Sony, gamers were not using the feature nearly as much as they anticipated, thus requiring the company to stop supporting Accolades.

The main reason why PlayStation users did not use Accolades might be that they were simply inconvenient. While the idea of rewards for good sportspeople or helpful when playing online makes sense, the execution might have been much more effective. For players switching from one multiplayer match to the next, giving out Accolades may have been an early indicator of failure.

The absence of digital collectibles from the PlayStation Stars rewards program, which occupies a lot of space, might provide a good fit for Accolades. Perhaps Sony will replace them as soon as they are removed.

While some PlayStation fans may be disappointed by the removal of the Accolades feature, most will likely be surprised by the news. Hopefully, a new PS5 feature will be added following the removal of Accolades to help alleviate the blow.