The Key Visual for the New Chainsaw Man Has Been Revealed

The Key Visual for the New Chainsaw Man Has Been Revealed ...

Crunchyroll provided a fresh visual for Tatsuki Fujimoto's hit manga, Chainsaw Man, which was slated to premiere this autumn; however, the production studio MAPPA has not yet set a date.

Denji, the protagonist of the upcoming anime, will be released on Friday, August 5, just one week after the new key visual's release. This video will be broadcast on the studio's YouTube channel on August 5 at 8pm JST.

Chainsaw Man's anime adaptation was announced in December 2020, upon the conclusion of the manga's first chapter. The second part of the Chainsaw Man manga began serialization earlier this month in the online magazine Shonen Jump+.

Chainsaw Man is a story about a young man named Denji who lives a difficult life of poverty while struggling to pay a debt to his father. Denji forms a contract with a dog devil he named Pochita, and becomes an entity that is neither man nor devil an inhabitant of the interstice. He is then joined the ranks of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a group dedicated to maintaining public safety by tracking down and hunting devils.

Chainsaw Man is a popular film, with over 13 million copies in circulation as of June 2022. It has won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shonen category, and has a strong following of readers who enjoy its narrative, characters, dark humor, themes, and disturbing violence. The first eleven volumes are available from Viz Media.

As speculation over the release date continues, fans will be enthralled by the premise of a new teaser for the upcoming series, which will reveal essential information about the upcoming series, as well as first cast information.