A shocking Skyrim clip depicts a headless NPC attacking Imperial guards

A shocking Skyrim clip depicts a headless NPC attacking Imperial guards ...

As the game's physics engine and graphics system can go haywire, Skyrim fans know how ridiculous things can get when mods and glitches are thrown into the mix. Sometimes, conflicting processes in Skyrim are game breaking, but most of the time they are simply shocking and hilarious without actually causing damage to the playthrough.

Veteran Skyrim players know that due to the sheer amount of things happening at the same time, sometimes contradicting actions can have unexpected and surprising consequences. This isn't the result of a bug or a mod of any sort, but simply the result of two lines of code happening at the same time when they shouldn't be happening simultaneously, or some other similar situation.

The video below shows what happens when a mod (or player-made code modification) interacts with a particularly bizarre cutscene. The opening cutscene, which all Skyrim fans recognize going horribly wrong, begins when a decapitated NPC emerges from the execution block and starts attacking the Imperial Guards. The scene is supposed to be Skyrim's introduction to Ulfric and the Stormcloak rebellion, but it ends up being a shocking confrontation between a headless prisoner and the Imperial Guards.

As Skyrim's mods are numerous and varied, the comments section discusses the various possibilities that may be causing this effect. It appears that a mod is causing the NPC to become fully untethered the moment that he is decapitated, allowing him to go into combat mode and defeat his enemies, which are coded to be the Imperials.

When NPCs interact with each other, Skyrim's characters are vibrant, dynamic, and created with care and attention to detail. This is why there are so many complex faction dynamics and different targeting crossovers when NPCs interact with each other. So, when even more complex codes and ideas are introduced, it isn't surprising that something as ridiculous as a headless prisoner running around trying to kill Imperials occurs.

Skyrim is a game that encourages creativity and engagement from its fans, and there are many different mods that have been created by the community that have greatly enhanced the Skyrim experience. Sometimes, though, these modifications may interfere with the game's native code and cause events like this to happen, which most gamers agree is the cherry on the cake.

Skyrim is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.