7 Things You Should Know About The Regild Century Timeline In Gundam

7 Things You Should Know About The Regild Century Timeline In Gundam ...

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Gundam universe is the ability to have multiple timelines. After all, what started as Amuro Ray's adventures in the Universal Century timeline expanded into other alternate Earths, each having their own narrative. Such is the case of the Regild Century, one of these Gundamtimelines.

The Regild Century is described as the after the Universal Century timeline, which puts this particular timeline in a somewhat interesting situation. What else are some of the Regild Century's highlights?

7 Connected To The Universal Century

The Regild Century is a direct continuation of another existing timeline, unlike other timelines in the Gundam universe. In this case, the Regild Century is directly related to the Gundam Universal Century timeline, although set thousands of years later.

The Gundam Reconguista in G series is set around R.C. 1014, when the world is once again in a fragile state of peace. Unlike other timelines set not too distant from the beginning of their respective timelines, the thousand-year gap in the Regild Century separates it from the Universal Century.

6 A Universal Ending Filled With War

Despite Amuro Ray and his companion's efforts to put an end to the conflict between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, they appeared to have failed to maintain peace for the long term.

The Regild Century, according to the Reconguista anime's beginning stages, began shortly after a period of terrible space wars engulfed the latter part of the Universal Century.

Due to this, the world was left with abandoned space colonies, rampart starvation, and general hopelessness. Its in this situation that puts everyone at the brink of war that makes Reconguista in G protagonist Bellri Zenam engage in a compelling setting.

5 The Kuntala Oddity

The Kuntala, who were previously considered as lower-class prior to the Regild Century, were introduced and treated as cattle in the latter part of the Universal Century in order to cope with the catastrophic situation in the Gundam setting, such as starvation, which wreaked havoc on the globe at the time.

Referring to them as Kuntala is now considered insulting in modern times. Despite the reduction of discrimination against Kuntala in the anime, the prejudices remain, as individuals of Kuntala origin remain absent in key positions.

4 Enter Capital Territory

Environmental degradation on Earth has forced the surviving humans to migrate to the only green place on the planet for survival prior to the start of the series. This was around an area in the Amazon where the Capital Tower, a former Universal Century elevator, was located.

The area around the Capital Tower has been renamed Capital Territory. Unlike current locations on Earth, people treated Capital Territory as sacred ground during the anime because it is the sole structure on the planet capable of transporting photon batteries from space.

3 Religion Out Of Survival

Another interesting feature of the Regild Century is a religion built around the Universal Century's events. Called SU-Cordism, it embodies a space umbilical cord that resonated as a response to the previous conflicts that brought humanity once again on the verge of collapse.

The SU-Cord concept has evolved into a term of greeting amongst believers, and became even a prayer request among other Gundam characters, as well as a term of limitation of technological advances, or the AG-Tech Taboo.

2 The Mysterious Photon Batteries

Similar to other Gundam anime, society in the Regild Century has a power source distinct to them. Photon Batteries are a rare source of power supplied by the Hermes Foundation's Venus Globe.

Photon Batteries remained a mystery in the anime, unlike other studies that involved discovering new energy sources. This was because the components and technology used in the Photon Batteries were unknown at the time, and any modification might result in the Photon Battery being destroyed in an explosion.

1 The Venus Globe Outside Earth

Although many of the famous Gundam space colonies around the planet were destroyed prior to the Universal Century, one existed till today: the Venus Globe. This refers to a group of space colonies orbiting the planet Venus.

The Venus Globe is well-known for its interconnected colonies, which form a Sea Disk that spans a 100-kilometer length and 150 meters deep. Asteroids are crucial for the colonies' mining because to the Hermes Foundation, which then controls the distribution of Photon Batteries.

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