MultiVersus: All Buffs, Nerfs, and Changes Will Be Included in the Next Major Balance Patch

MultiVersus: All Buffs, Nerfs, and Changes Will Be Included in the Next Major Balance Patch ...

After EVO 2022, MultiVersus will release a further significant balance change, here's a breakdown of all of the changes we currently know about.

MultiVersus will need to make periodic adjustments as the meta changes and issues arise.

With such a varied character roster, it can be difficult for designers to strike the perfect balance right away. That said, the team at Player First Games has done a fantastic job of keeping this fair.

The game was released in Open Beta with a decent degree of balance, but the team has already nerfed MultiVersus' most overpowered fighter.

Fans are already requesting nerfs for another well-known MultiVersus character that is thrashing online play.

With that in mind, we decided to break down all confirmed buffs, nerfs, and changes that would come with the next balance patch.

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MultiVersus Next Update: Early Patch Notes

After EVO and Sony's fighting game tournament, the next major MultiVersus balance patch will be released on August 7, 2022.

We haven't announced a precise release date for the moment, but we can be sure that the patch will not launch before the tournaments conclude.

If you are thinking of purchasing the Looney Tunes mascot, you might want to hold off. In a recent tweet, Tony Huynh confirms that Bugs Bunny is getting nerfs in the post-EVO patch.

For a while, make no mistake, it will still be rabbit season, as Tony claims that Bugs will always be enjoyable.

After EVO, Nerfs Inc., Bugs Bunny will always be a great time.

LeBron might be the newest addition to the roster (for the time being, the release date for Rick and Morty is just around the corner), but it appears he still needs some work.

An issue with LeBron right now is that both his down tilt and side tilt attacks share the same Attack Decay. As such, the fighter begins to do less damage after far fewer attacks than should be the case, but the issue will be addressed in the forthcoming patch.

After evo, it's fixed on the build.

Wonder Woman is the one character that every MultiVersus player can own for free, since she is only unlockable after successfully completing the tutorial. Hopefully, many fans will be thrilled to see the character get buffs in the upcoming patch.

Players want to have shorter cooldowns across the board, but whatever Player First Games decides, we'll just have to wait and see.

Do you want to replace Wonder Woman with The Legend of Zeldas Link?

After evo, she got some upgrades in the build.

Tom and Jerry are frequently locked out of attacking by those who supervise the cat and mouse duo.

Fortunately, whatever issue was causing the unique problem is being addressed in the next update.

This has been fixed, and the build will be completed shortly after evo.

Some MultiVersus followers became angry when Shaggy, Harley, and other characters were suddenly locked up after the Open Beta for all players.

MultiVersus will make changes to the fighters on its free rotation regularly, something that was initially unclear from the start. In the new patch, players will be more aware of which characters are free in rotation, and theyll be able to purchase fighters that are currently free to play.

Yes, this will happen in the next large patch.

One of the most attractive aspects of the upcoming patch is that it will address and eliminate several game bugs that are currently there. A confirmed example of a now-fixed issue is the strange graphical glitch that sometimes follows Iron Giant around.

After evo, this will be fixed in the next patch.

Another minor issue that has already been resolved is the fact that players are unable to have their golden name displayed correctly to friends.

This issue only affects those who bought the expensive MultiVersus Founders Packs, but it's nice to see a solution.

After evo, this is fixed in the build.

This isnt all of the changes that will be made in the MultiVersus update, but all we know so far. We'll keep our ears to the ground and update this article as more enhancements, tweaks, and fixes are revealed.

Did you know that the next fighter from MultiVersus might be leaking already?

Rick Sanchez is already appearing in-game for some players, on top of that!