Raid Hour Schedule for Pokemon GO in August 2022

Raid Hour Schedule for Pokemon GO in August 2022 ...

In August 2022, here's the complete schedule for every Pokemon GO Raid Hour, so you can see what Legendary Pokemon will be featured every week!

Every month, Pokemon GO receives a slew of new content and events, and August is shaping up to be another exciting month for the game.

Niantic, the creator of Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours in August 2022, has also revealed which Legendary Pokemon will be featured in the upcoming Raid Hours this month.

The Legendary Warrior Pokemon from Sword & Shield as well as the mythical Pokemon Genesect are among the August Raid hours in Pokemon GO!

Youll need to buy Raid Passes before you participate in Raid Hours. Unfortunately, a recent update made Remote Raid Passes much harder to obtain in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Raid Hour Dates & Times July 2022

Every Wednesday, the Pokemon GO Raid Hours will start at 6 PM 7 PM local time. These are all of the legendary Pokemon that will be featured in the August 2022 Raid Hours:

  • August 3 Palkia
  • August 10 Genesect
  • August 17 Genesect
  • August 24 Zacian
  • August 31 Zamazenta

Also, make sure to check out the Pokemon GO Mega and Legendary Raid Schedule for August 2022!

Good luck defeating these powerful Pokemon in the Pokemon GO August 2022 Raid hours! If you need additional trainers to fight Legendary Raids, be sure to use the new Pokemon GO Campfire app!

Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno should be familiar to everyone in Pokemon GO. They do not appear in Raids, so many players may miss them.

A massive datamine has identified over 50 Pokemon that may be coming to Pokemon GO in the near future. Lets hope to see these Pokemon come to the game later on in the Season of GO.