Should Pretty Little Liars Fans Watch HBO Maxs Original Sin?

Should Pretty Little Liars Fans Watch HBO Maxs Original Sin? ...

This Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin article contains no spoilers.

Fans of the original series were naturally hesitant when the program was announced. It lasted only seven seasons, and the original became an iconic piece of teenage television that meant a lot to those who saw it. Unfortunately, both were quickly canceled. What makes Original Sindifferent? Will it be enough to last as long as the original?

Although it is unlikely that any of the original cast will be involved, this seems to be beneficial to the latest chapter in the Pretty Little Liars world because this is for a new generation. But Original Sin recognizes that this approach could be successful, because it does not affect that section.

Many grew up watching PLLand having five female leads on a series was unusual and still is today. What we see can affect so much in our lives, and Original Sin will give that gift to the next generation. From the live tweeting to spending the entire week researching who A is, PLL was an obsession for many.

What are the differences between these new characters and the beloved OGs? They stand strong, not wanting to reintroduce them, but rather to introduce five new faces. Mallory Bechtel even brings the twin theory that was so popular with the original to life on screen from the pilot.

The names of specific characters in each show aren't exact copies; this demonstrates that the original liars opened the way for Original Sin to be implemented, particularly Mitchell's character of Emily Fields, who was one of the first openly lesbian characters to be introduced on screen in a teen series at the time. This is why the new series does not have to break that barrier the way they had to at the time.

Original Sin's generational parallels with their mothers are a completely different story, not really paying much attention to the parents in particular, but nonetheless compelling.

The original Sin was known for its intense mystery, which pushed fans on the edge of their seats for the next episode. It's a teen drama, but it's still a good and bad thing to deal with, especially when you're dealing with difficult and potentially harmful topics.

Premiering the first three episodes was a fantastic move, because fans can get a bit of a binge, but are then left wanting more until episode 4 a week later rather than complete the whole thing in a day.

So what is there to look forward to right now? One thing that comes to mind is relationships. The relationship and chemistry between the main girls is strong and stable, so that should not be an issue. However, a show like this one needs good ships for fans to root for. There are some promising romances, but you need them to rise out. Hopefully, as the story progresses, theyll recreate them.

The bottom line is that there are endless similarities between PLL and Original Sin, good and bad on both ends. The original was not perfect, it certainly had its flaws and plot holes that fans will be the first to point out, but it was special, and it meant something to many people. Original Sin has the potential to extend that legacy in the best possible way.

The first three episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin are now streaming on HBO Max. The next two episodes will be released on August 4 and August 11. The final three episodes will air on August 18.