Married at First Sight Australia star was left bedridden after developing a nasty virus

Married at First Sight Australia star was left bedridden after developing a nasty virus ...

Martha Kalifatidis, star of Married at First Sight Australia, has revealed that she has been left bedridden after getting a nasty viral illness while on vacation in Europe.

Martha, who has been noticeably absent from social media in the last couple of weeks, returned to Instagram on Thursday to explain why she hadn't been online as much recently.

Hello, everyone. I know I've been quiet on here for a few weeks. I'm finally home and getting the care I need, according to a letter from a friend, who explained that she was battling the infection.

Martha Kalifatidis (@marthaa__k) has shared a link to her blog.

I'll be back soon. Thank you for all the messages. Sorry I haven't gotten back to anyone yet. I'm really grateful for the support, though, as she continued.

Her boyfriend Michael Brunelli revealed on his Instagram Stories that she was unwell, and thanked the followers for following her and letting them know that she is now on the mend.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out and messaged us about Martha, as she wrote.

She's been offline and unwell with a viral illness. It's taken a toll on her energy levels, but she's okay and on the mend.

Martha was also in the headlines last year when it was reported that she had a disagreement with Jessika Power of Married At First Sight Australia over their respective reality television projects.

Jessika set the record straight, stating that the pair are still friends and that she isn't the same person she was previously.

Martha and I are best friends, and I'm gratified by how successful she's become, according to her at the time of the Daily Mail Australia.

"I would never be envious of those who are succeeding, and I do not care for any 'crown or title," says the author. "I'm not the same Jess I was three years ago."

Married at First Sight UK is airing on E4 in the United Kingdom. Married at First Sight Australia is airing on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the United Kingdom.

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