After "completely fabricated" relationship reports, Rylan says he's single

After "completely fabricated" relationship reports, Rylan says he's single ...

Rhylan Clark, a Celebrity Gogglebox star, has spoken out against 'fabricated' relationship rumors, confirming that he is single.

Following reports of him being in a relationship, the TV personality has taken to Instagram.

"We, nor Rylan, wish to comment on his private life," according to his PR employees on this occasion.

"This or many other stories that have written about this apparent'relationship' in the past few weeks are completely untrue. Rylan is single and lives on his own. Any reports to the contrary are completely falsified."

Rylan, who married Dan Neal last year after five years of marriage, captioned the post by saying, "I'm looking after myself for a change." There is no one else involved in the incident.

"I tried to ignore it, but this isn't ok. For the past few weeks there've been stories about my'relationship." I've stayed clear of it, ignored it, but this is ridiculous. I'm not in a relationship, haven't been for more than a year, and have no intention to.

"I'm making a change and it's staying that way." Hopefully this clears up any fabricated stories from the previous few weeks and to those who are'selling' them, Take care @carverpr_

Following Dan's split last year, he admitted it had been "a very difficult time" and he had found it difficult to deal with.

"I became ill and lost weight, I dropped to under ten stone, and I'm six feet four inches, so that's not great."

"It's been shit. I didn't deal with what happened, and now I am." I felt unwell, and it was a very difficult time for me.

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