Hannah Dodd of the Origin Discusses the Full-Circle Ending and If a Follow-Up Series Is Possible

Hannah Dodd of the Origin Discusses the Full-Circle Ending and If a Follow-Up Series Is Possible ...

The Origin of Flowers in the Attic: A Wrap.

Olivia and Corrine locked the former's four children in the attic with the promise that it would be for one night. (In Flowers in the Attic, they spend years sequestered away.)

The camera then turns to Olivia's harsher expression and finally, that wooden door with the lock on the outside, all implying that future horrors will be revealed. Hannah Dodd claims that the gesture was intentional.

After Corrine's first-ever ball, Olivia tried to murder Malcolm when her children refused to share his bed. He was paralyzed and unable to speak, but still alive (because evil never dies). Nella moved to New York to pursue her singing dream.

Corrine and Christopher carved out the perfect suburban lifestyle with their children before he died in a car accident, and Harry and Joel had a happy ending traveling the world together.

Dodd discusses the story of Harry and Joel from the outset. That's not exactly clear in the book; everything was discussed. That's so beautiful, because their love might stand the test of that whole awful place, and they leave, and they'll continue to live their happily ever after. For everyone else who stays, it just keeps getting worse and worse.

The rest of the TVlines interview with Hannah Dodd is available below.

Malcolm kisses Olivia for the first time for the first time in so many years, and it was a huge surprise and so twisted. It's amazing how intertwined they are. Theyre so disorganized and so messed up.

Corrines abortion scene [in Episode 2] Was Cut DownI think it worked out for the best, but it's now even more heartbreaking. We talked about how the world has changed literally in the last couple of months, how some women will go through something similar, and how it drives her to believe there was no better solution.

I don't know whether or not she thinks there will be a follow-up to the Flowers in the Attic limited series. Obviously, the next step is Flowers in the Attic and that has been made, so I wonder if there is a demand for it. Maybe you saw what happens outside the attic during that time. There would have to be a reason for retelling that story.

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