Who's Who in the Disney+ Series of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Cast and Character Guide

Who's Who in the Disney+ Series of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Cast and Character G ...

In its third season, the series is surprising all of its fans by mixing things up and turning toward another classic Disney Original. Instead of all going to school during summer vacation, the Wildcats and their fellow campers are competing for roles in a Frozen production.

Before the third season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, here's everything you need to know.

Check out the official trailer for Season 3 here.

Sofia Wylie as Gina

Gina (Sofia Wylie) rose to prominence as the evil new girl with all the quick dance moves and skill required to win the lead role, but she has slowly but surely developed into a much more likable character with complex emotions. By the end of the second season, EJ (Matt Cornett) and Gina became close friends.

Sofia Wylie might have seen herself in Disney's Andi Mack or Shook before her appearance in The School for Good and Evil, directed by Paul Feig.

Matt Cornett as EJ

EJ (Matt Cornett) suited the description of and would have been a terrific Troy Bolton in the schools production of High School Musical, but he became more of a Ryan, losing the role instead to Ricky, his new girlfriend, Nini, who had already lost interest in him. EJ is well-known for being the charismatic high school senior in the first and second seasons.

Matt Cornett may have otherwise been seen in his recurring role as Ryan in Life in Pieces, as well as in the Disney+ Original Zombies 3.

Joshua Bassett as Ricky

Ricky (Joshua Bassett)'s storyline was very much tied to his romantic relationships with Nini, who at the start of the series had already moved on from their relationship. Along with his best friendBig Red, Ricky may find himself in another love triangle in the third season.

Joshua Bassett has been focusing on his solo musical career outside of acting, with his most well-known songs being, Set Me Free, Secret, and Doppelganger.

Olivia Rodrigo as Nini

Nini (Olivia Rodrigo) was the most active on her musical potential from the start, despite her fear of losing her job. After finishing the second season at a private school for musical students, Nini is progressing her musical career and possibly romantic future with Jamie (Jordan Fisher).

Olivia Rodrigo is well-known for her solo music career and the alleged HSMTMTS-related relationship drama that inspired it. You have most likely heard her songs Drivers License, Good 4 U, and Brutal.

Julia Lester as Ashlyn

Ashlyn, a resident theater aficionado in the show, is returning to the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series' third season. Her cousin EJ encouraged her to find new connections. Ashlyn's self-confidence and assertiveness grew when she was given the lead role in the second season musical performance, Beauty and the Beast. Ashlyn joins the cast and her pals in the third season of Camp Shallow Lake.

Julia Lester is expected to have played Emily in Mom before HSMTMTS, as well as Suzie in Netflix's Prince of Peoria.

Frankie A. Rodriquez as Carlos

Carlos began his career as Miss Jen's number one assistant and choreographer. He has since become a member of the theater group through his shared interests in high school musical and general bonding. Carlos' third season sees him bonding especially with Ricky as they prepare for Frozen.

Frankie A. Rodriguez may have otherwise appeared as Mick in the TV show Im Fine, or Eduardo in Modern Family. More recently, he appeared in a rebooted Will & Grace series.

Dara Renee as Kourtney

Ninis was originally Ninis's best friend and biggest supporter, but previous seasons have shown audiences that Kourtney is more than just a supportive pal. When given the chance to sing in the second season, she blew audiences away with her bigger role and more main character focus in the third season.

Dara Renee is most likely to have been seen in her recurring role as Stunts in Black-ish, as well as Fee in My Stepfathers Secret and Janice in Greys Anatomy.

Special Guests

Miss Jenn, played by Kate Reinders, is said to still make an appearance during the third season of the children's vacation.

Lucas Grabeel, who played Ryan in the original High School Musical trilogy, made a guest appearance as a vision, that Miss Jenn needed whenever she needed a boost and a reminder of her abilities in the second season. Derek Hough played a recurring character in the second season as Miss Jenn's ex-boyfriend and North Highs drama teacher.

Corbin Bleu, an ex-High School Musical actor, will play the camp director of Camp Shallow Lake this season. Other guest stars will include Jojo Siwa (Dance Moms), Jesse Tyler Ferguson known for Modern Family, and Meg Donnelly from the Disney Original film series Zombies.