Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far About 'Samaritan'

Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far About 'Samaritan' ...

What do Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, and other popular superheroes have in common? Those young enough to still face battles from city to city. In Samaritan, 76-year-old Sylvester Stallone proves that age is not just a number for superheroes. We also saw him dodge bullets in the Rambofranchise and The Expendables franchise.

Samaritan is set 20 years after a well-known hero with superhuman strength, called Samaritan, disappeared. The people are eager for someone to help them defend themselves against the threats. A young boy named Sam Cleary begins a quest for Samaritan and begins to suspect that his quiet neighbor, Joe Smith, might be more than he is claimed to be, and may be the long-lost superhero, Samaritan. Sam tries to get Samaritan back into the fight.

MGM purchased the spec script for Samaritan, which was written by Bragi F. Schut, before adapting the story into a series of graphic novels with Marc Olivent and Renzo Podesta. Filming resumed on October 8, 2020, after the COVID-19 epidemic.

Now that the film is released, here's all you need to know about Samaritan, from streaming information to the release date.

Is There A Trailer For Samaritan?

On July 27, 2022, Amazon Prime Video released the official trailer for Samaritan, a fictional Granite City where crime and violence have taken hold, and its only a matter of time before the city collapses. However, the young boy becomes convinced that Joe is the superhero, Samaritan, and begins to confront him. However, Joe's cover is completely destroyed when a vehicle crashes over him, and he is fine. Sam decides to encourage Joe to become Samaritan again and help the city.

What is Samaritan About?

The official Samaritan synopsis is as follows:

Sam Cleary, a thirteen-year-old boy, believes that his mysterious and reclusive neighbor Mr. Smith (Sylvester Stallone) is a legend hiding in plain sight. Twenty-five years ago, Granite Citys super-powered vigilante, Samaritan, was reported dead after a fiery warehouse battle with Nemesis. Many in the area, like Sam, believe that he is still alive.

When Will Samaritan Be Released?

Samaritan will be released on Friday, August 26, 2022.

Where Can You Watch Samaritan?

Samaritan will be available on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, August 26, 2022. It's not too late to subscribe so you don't miss out on this superhero action film. For a month at $14.99 or a year at $139, get a month subscription.

Whos In The Cast Of Samaritan?

Sylvester Stallone, who plays Samaritan/Joe Smith in Samaritan, is well-known for his action films, but he has also ventured into the superhero genre in The Suicide Squad (2021).

Javon Wanna Walton, a four-time USA Boxing South East regional champion boxer, has starred as Sam in the science-fiction series, Utopia, which has just released its third season on Netflix.

Pilou Asbk, best known for playing Kasper Juul in Borgen (2010 - 2013) and Euron Greyjoy in Games of Thrones (2011 - 2019), will play Cyrus in the film. Moses Arias, who is well-known for his role of Rico in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana (2006 - 2011), will play Reza Smith.

Isabelle is played by Dascha Polanco on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black (2013 - 2019). She has also appeared in critically acclaimed films such as Joy (2015) and The Irishman (2019), as well as shows such as When They See Us (2019) and Russian Doll (2019 - present).

Martin Starr (Freaks and Geeks, Silicon Valley) and Natacha Karam (The Old Guard, The Hurricane Heist) are among the other actors in the film.